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Full Name: Steve Carradine
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Manning K. Robertson
Time Span: 1965 - 1967


Steve Carradine is an agent with British Intelligence.

31 years old, tall and muscular with "the palest gray eyes which seemed to look through, and never at, anyone", Carradine has been an agent for just over three years as the documented portion of the series begins. He is a black belt in judo and an expert in karate. A natural talent with languages, he speaks several well and Spanish and Russian as a native.

The agency for which Carradine works is unnamed but is referred to as the least-known section of intelligence community for the United Kingdom, so secret in fact that Carradine did not know the true name of his boss, the head of the organization. In fact, he comments early on that he had never seen his boss outside the man's office. This short, chubby, balding man that directs Carradine and a handful of other agents cares for his people but is still curt and brusque when dealing with them.

The missions that Carradine is sent on are international in nature, taking him to North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa, fighting despots, Soviet agents, and the Red Chinese, as well as the occasional crime boss and femme fatale. In the relatively short time that he has been an agent, Carradine has managed to get a reputation with the other side. In one book the field leader of the opposition remarks that Carradine is a particularly dangerous man who has already caused their side considerable trouble. In another book Carradine comments to a lovely lady that "I've had to kill men in my time and I suppose that by the law of averages, there are those who have been ordered to kill me."


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:1965
Last Appearance:1967

1 Seek And Destroy Seek And Destroy
Written by Manning K. Robertson
Copyright: 1965

British Intelligence had already learned of secret Soviet missile sites in South America to go up against NATO forces. Steve Carradine's job was to stop the delivery of the rockets. He didn't know that a trap had been set for him, baited with the beautiful body of a woman named Valentina.
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2 Blueprint For Destruction Blueprint For Destruction
Written by Manning K. Robertson
Copyright: 1966

When he was seconded to American Intelligence, Steve Carradine didn't expect an easy assignment but he also didn't expect to take up where several American agents had failed - find an espionage ring determined to uncover all of America's nuclear missile sites.

3 The Secret Enemy The Secret Enemy
Written by Manning K. Robertson
Copyright: 1966

Though he had managed to escape from his Communist captors deep inside Hungary, Steve Carradine must still find a way out of the Balkans to get a vital secret back to his bosses in London, and maybe stay alive in the process.

4 Twelve Hours To Destiny Twelve Hours To Destiny
Written by Manning K. Robertson
Copyright: 1966

The top British agent in China had gone missing even as he was trying to get word out of a new, deadly weapon the Red Chinese were perfecting. Steve Carradine was given the job of getting into China, finding the agent and the weapon, and bringing both back to the West.

5 Night Passage To Kano Night Passage To Kano
Written by Manning K. Robertson
Copyright: 1967

The ancient city of Kano, located in the desert of the Sahara, was the site for a secret meeting of men bent on world domination. Steve Carradine is assigned to head to the arid region to find out who they are and what they are planning.
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6 Pattern For Survival Pattern For Survival
Written by Manning K. Robertson
Copyright: 1967

On the hunt for a nuclear scientist drugged and kidnapped from his lab, Steve Carradine follows the clues to Portugal where an assassin waits to keep him from getting any further.
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While there is nothing that makes Steve Carradine really stand out, the books about him are entertaining and diverting. The plots are thought-out and adequately flow and the ladies are lovely and the villians quite despicable. Carradine himself is competent and steady but unremarkable. The same holds true with the books but for a rainy day read they are good ones to grab. It is interesting that while the ladies that Carradine frequently encounter do not flauntenly throw themselves at him, they end up in his hotel room with amazing regularity. That's one plus for the man.


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tomjohnson A+ 7/24/2014 3:30:37 PM

I've only read "Twelve Hours To Destiny", but liked it better than James Bond. I'll have to find the rest of the series now.

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