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Full Name: Dan Walker
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Freelance Agent

Creator: Gil Davis
Time Span: 1967 - 1967


Dan Walker is a freelance agent for the CIA.

He is actually working as art director for a large company in Denver as the two-book series begins, happily living a normal life without danger but also without excitement. He had been doing so for at least ten years and had no plans to change that until a call from an old friend in the Agency asks for help. Without so much as a blink, he flies from Denver to a Texas border town to meet his friend and suddenly he is in the thick of things. It is likely the boredom that he felt with his job made it not too surprising that he took the first assignment with very little argument.

Walker has served during WWII in Naval Intelligence doing clandestine work with Major Fredricks as his boss and his friend. He stayed for a short while after the war ended but eventually left the service for the private sector when budgets were being slashed and personnel were no longer needed. It had been a decade since he had last seen Fredricks. From the sound of things they had kept in touch but by post and phone, not in person.

Then a call by the Major with the request to fly to meet him in El Paso and the request to help the agency out on a mission which needed an experienced agent who was not formally connected to the government. Dan Walker fit that category.

Walker is just at 6' and in fairly good shape, good enough to be desired by several women he meets but not so great that running and climbing during his first adventure does not get him winded and regretting his lifestyle. He is certainly in his late 30s or early 40s when the series set out. He can handle himself in a fight but is smart enough to try to avoid them, which is the same attitude he has towards guns.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1967
Last Appearance:1967

1 Valley Of The Doles Valley Of The Doles
Written by Gil Davis
Copyright: 1967

Dan Walker is asked by an old friend and former Intelligence boss to come out of retirement to take on a gang in Mexico that is smuggling in huge shipments of dope as well as pornography, including snuff films.

2 Assignment: Tokyo Assignment: Tokyo
Written by Gil Davis
Copyright: 1967

Again the CIA asks Dan Walker to take on an assignment, this time to help find out how the Red Chinese are convincing trained Army specialists to defect, and what happened to two CIA agents who have gone missing.

3 Missile Island Missile Island
Written by Gil Davis
Copyright: 1967

After the previous President forced the Soviets to remove missiles from Cuba, the new leader must do the same with those that may be on the small Caribbean island of Santana. Dan Walker is sent by the CIA to get the proof of the missiles and get rid of them if he can.


It is hard not to enjoy this three-book series if you read it with the expectation of nothing much at all. I did and I did. I do not grade the series very high because it really does not deserve anything higher but that does not mean it was not a breezy, sex-laden few hours of pure prurience.

Walker takes the fact that women all around him get these urges to copulate with him all the time as just standard behavior, making you wonder what his life before being called back into service was like. Then again, if he had as much action before he became an agent as he does after, he would have been in better shape at the beginning.

If you do not expect much, you might like these books.


My Grade: C


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