Fenian_Nails2 Fenian_Nails1
Full Name: Nailan 'Nails' Fenian
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Hal D. Steward
Time Span: 1967 - 1967


Nails Fenian is an agent for the CIA.

When he is not on an assignment for the Agency, Fenian, whose real first name is Nailan, is a professor of Philosophy at Thomas Jefferson University in the nation's capitol. As an agent, he works under the command of a man named Craig Stapleton, recently promoted to the head of the Company's "dirty tricks" department.

He got the nickname of Nails while serving in the U.S. Army's Counter-Intelligence Corps. After his tour of duty was over, he began his double identity as a laid-back college professor and as a highly capable undercover operative.

As a teacher, Fenian is an accredited expert in philosophy. After receiving his Ph.D. from Boston University, he went on to write two textbooks on the subject that were used by many institutions of higher learning in America and in Europe. He uses his reputation as a cover for his clandestine activity.

Tall and quite handsome, Fenian is quick and sure of his own abilities but he is by no means invicible, as his body's scars and dents can testify. He likes the ladies and they definitely like him but he is far from a love-'em-and-leave-'em guy. Never willing to turn down a one-night stand, he remains a romantic.

He works as an agent mainly to fulfill his one insatiable hunger - that of excitement. He seldom indulges in rash actions but the thrill of the danger and the pleasure of coming out ahead drives him to accept dangerous missions rather than remain at home teaching.

The publisher of this two-book series, Publishers Export Company (PEC), was a small paperback house out of San Diego that specialized far more with soft porn, very mild by today's standards, but they did release at least two short series of adventures and a handful of non-fiction works.

The covers of the two books have "CASE NO. x:" on them. The first book was #387 and the second was #388. There were not indicators of books in the series, as there were only two. They were noted in the books as being the case numbers assigned to the assignments.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1967
Last Appearance:1967

1 The Spy And The Pirate Queen The Spy And The Pirate Queen
Written by Hal D. Steward
Copyright: 1967

The State Department, responding to requests from several Asian countries, asks the CIA to investigate the activity of Madame Wong Shan, a woman said to be a major pirate preying on that region. Nails Fenian is sent to find and stop her activities.

2 Assassins' Hide-Away Assassins' Hide-Away
Written by Hal D. Steward
Copyright: 1967

Sent to Columbia, Nail Fenian is assigned to find out the extent to which Red Chinese agents had infiltrated the rebel forces to eventually take over the country and have a major foothold on the continent. Fenian's main objective is the ruthless Colonel Chow Yang.


It took only one look at the gloriously lurid cover of the books for me to know I was going to enjoy this series. That doesn't mean it is any good, just that I would enjoy it. Just as I live for made-for-video movies that make no pretense about being other than what they are, I love fast action, fast lovin' adventures and this series is definitely fitting there.

I do not grade it very high because it doesn't deserve it but I worry that the low grade will keep people from reading them. Do so ONLY if you are wanting a badly filmed, poorly acted B-movie in book form. If you do want it, this is a good one.


My Grade: C


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