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Full Name: Geoffrey Mildmay
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Burke Wilkinson
Time Span: 1948 - 1953


Geoffrey Mildmay is an agent with British Intelligence.

Exactly which department and what his duties are remain a mystery, something the quite narcissistic Mildmay would delight in. He is a dashing, brave, adventurous rogue who will let nothing stand between himself and duty to his country, unless a pretty girl beckons. In more modern vernacular, he would be called a "playa" and would definitely deserve it. He likes his spirits, he enjoys gambling and sports and lounging about on a warm afternoon with a lovely lady who dotes on him. He also enjoys adventure and a spot of danger. The "playa" parts comes from the fact that after a while with any particular beautiful woman, he will decide excitement lies elsewhere and he bids her adieu.

The three adventures of Mildmay take place near the end of WWII and the peace that followed but which brought in the Cold War. The tales are all narrated by an American contemporary of Mildmay, Bill Stacy, who knew him, and sometimes liked him, when they both attended school together. A few years later, they were reunited for the first mission which needed the engineering skill of Stacy and the piloting skill of Mildmay.

After that adventure, the two men went their own way but were brought together again by chance and thrown into another mission. Much the same took place for the third and final assignment.

The books are as much about the "frenemy" relationship between these two men, especially as it pertains to the various women that they both fall for, with Stacy's affections being usually unrequited and Mildmay's being constantly feckless, as it is about the dangers that they do legitimately face.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1948
Last Appearance:1953

1 Proceed At Will Proceed At Will
Written by Burke Wilkinson
Copyright: 1948

Experience pilot Geoffrey Mildmay is the choice of the military brass to pilot a one-man submarine, a unique submerged bomb with one intended target, a German battleship. The question facing the narrator, though, is whether the playboy flyer has what it takes, and whether he is not a German sympathizer.

2 Run Mongoose Run Mongoose
Written by Burke Wilkinson
Copyright: 1950

Geoffrey Mildmay is reunited with the narrator after four years and both are offered a role in an upcoming rebellion in Jamaica, led by a Jamaican who wants to be the new leader and an British magnate who wants to be richer.

3 Last Clear Chance Last Clear Chance
Written by Burke Wilkinson
Copyright: 1953

As the British and American intelligence communities continue to be rocked by communist traitors, Geoffrey Mildmay becomes involved in yet another scheme to secret moles from the West back to the Soviet Union. The question the narrator worries about is whether Mildmay is hunting or helping.


I am in total agreement with the series narrator, Bill Stacy, regarding Mildmay, finding this would-be hero far too cavalier concerning women who fall in love with him only to have their hearts broken. Just as I am ready to want Stacy to punch him in the nose, though, Mildmay will pull a feat of bravery or friendship that makes you stop and admire him. A most frustrating man, both to Stacy and to the readers. Frustrating but still entertaining.

The books are far more novels than adventures, concentrating on the thoughts and feelings of Stacy as his life is severely altered by the actions of Mildmay. Still, the missions they get involved in are also interesting and it is enjoyable to watch two intelligent amateurs go up against the professionals. Especially when one of them, Mildmay, has such a joyful, almost cavalier approach to the danger, almost Biblical in his "eat and drink for tomorrow we die" attitude. Stacy never finds the prospect so delightful.

The author's writing style definitely grows on you, going from good to very good but Mildmay's attitude does tend to get a tad old. But the writing never does.


My Grade: B-


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