Devlin1 Devlin3 Devlin2
Full Name: Devlin
Codename: Devlin
Nationality: American
Organization: CSS
Occupation Agent

Creator: Michael Walsh
Time Span: 2009 - 2011


Devlin is an agent with the Central Security Service.

The name Devlin is actually a codename used to keep the true identity of this ulta-secret operative hidden to everyone. His existance is supposed to be known only by three people - the President, the Secretaty of Defense, and the Director of the NSA who oversees the CSS. This secrecy extends to the reader as the real name is never revealed.

The man known as Devlin was orphaned as an adolescent when his parents are killed during a terrorist attack in Rome. His new guardian, a general who would eventually become DIRNSA, took the opportunity to turn the young man into the perfect clandestine warrior, able to kill without hesitation and to survive without outside help. There was no love lost between the two throughout the years, even when it became probable that the general was really Devlin's biological father.

Devlin is called in when there are no other alternatives or when total deniability is needed. He is considered completely expendable. With that stipulation, Devlin is granted extraordinary license to handle situations as he sees fit. This includes a great deal of authority, which is odd for a man who supposedly does not exist.

Of note is the fact that each chapter starts with a quotation from the Roman Marcus Aurelius and these quotations, if read carefully, give considerable insight into the character of Devlin. He, like Marcus, has a great deal of stolic in him, although Devlin is shown to get quite angry at times as well; angry but never out of control.

Also of note is that in the the second book, almost an equal amount of time is devoted to a New York police captain in charge of anti-terrorist activities in the city. Frankie Byrne is the officer and he was also the star of the author's first novel, Exchange Alley.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2009
Last Appearance:2011

1 Hostile Intent Hostile Intent
Written by Michael Walsh
Copyright: 2009

When terrorists take over an elementary school, the similarity to the Russian school disaster years before came to everyone's mind. To prevent several hundred deaths, the President calls in the agent known as Devlin. An added problem is that may be exactly what the terrorists wanted.

2 Early Warning Early Warning
Written by Michael Walsh
Copyright: 2010

Devlin is back on the trail of the villian from the previous adventure when terrorists stage a massive multi-pronged attack on Manhattan. Knowing he is the best man to take them on, Devlin has to figure out how to stay alive just getting into the City.

3 Shock Wave Shock Wave
Written by Michael Walsh
Copyright: 2011

As Americans prepare to go to the polls, a terrorist attack rocks the nation and the fact that it seems to be domestic in origin is even worse. Devlin knows who is behind it and knows that this is just the beginning.


I would not be friends with Devlin. He is too caustic, too opinionated, too pessimistic, and too often right to be likeable. I would, however, very much like him on my side in trouble. This, of course, is assuming he doesn't consider me part of the problem. His adventures are over-the-top in severity, matching the character's constant mood and the duplicious way in which everyone acts around each other begins to grate. But reading these tales, I cannot help but nod in agreement more often than I shake my head in annoyance.

Which means that when the next books come out, which I hope they do, I'll buy and read them right away. So the author, Mr. Walsh, is definitely doing his job.


My Grade: B


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