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Full Name: William Mallett
Nationality: British
Organization: -
Occupation Reporter

Creator: Douglas Orgill
Time Span: 1962 - 1963


William Mallett is a reporter.

Mallett has been a journalist for the London newspaper, the Globe, for a considerable number of years and has risen up the ranks so he now has the respect of his peers and his bosses. His success can be easily attributed to natural inquisitiveness and his nose for the news, not to mention working long hours to make sure he is on top of anything. When he is in London, he is able to switch easily between current events and crime, all without raising an eyebrow or getting a stern reception, but his real specialty is as a foreign correspondent, available to head to whichever part of the world seems the most newsworthy.

He lives a solitary life when not at work, perhaps being the reason he works so hard. He has a small apartment filled with books and a fair amount of what he considers junk, and little more. He had been married but she had died some time back and he has yet to find anything to fill that void. At 38 years old, he does not seem interested in trying.

As the series opens, Mallett has no premonition or intention of working for British Intelligence but circumstances fairly force that upon him in the first novel as he seeks to solve the murder of an old friend. That gets him involved with Colonel Ravenscroft of Department Two, a division dealing with counter-espionage. In the second book, Mallett is on assignment in Central America where he unintentionally gets enmeshed with local politics and a CIA operation.

It is nose for news that gets him into trouble. Luckily, he is crafty enough to survive.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1962
Last Appearance:1963

1 Journey Into Violence Journey Into Violence
aka The Death Bringers
Written by Douglas Orgill
Copyright: 1962

When William Mallett's flat was ransacked, he was curious. Then so was that of a woman he know. That was when he was approached by Dept Two with a chance to find out why. It meant looking into a murder, or maybe be bait for the next one.

2 The Cautious Assassin The Cautious Assassin
aka Ride A Tiger
Written by Douglas Orgill
Copyright: 1963

William Mallett heads to a Caribbean island to find out why a fellow reporter has disappeared. Either the dictator there had the man killed or the man was helping the rebels. Either way was dangerous for Mallett.


The two adventures told of William Mallett have a light, quick pace to them, making them fast enjoyable reads. You never get too into the characters or the plot to mind setting the books down but there is enough lingering interest to make you pick them back up again later. Mallett does not have any interest in working with the Intelligence groups that he does. He seems to have a rather low regard for them. He does, however, like to snoop so they like having him do it for them.

I would have like reading more about Mallett but they were not so compelling as to make me sorry the series came to an end.


My Grade: B-


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