Murmur_Heron2 Murmur_Heron1
Full Name: Heron Murmur
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Simon Harvester
Time Span: 1960 - 1962


Heron Murmur is an agent for British Intelligence.

Like his colleague, Dorian Silk, Murmur gets his orders from his handler, a man known as Swann. Unlike Silk, he is far more mild mannered and agreeable when it comes to being given a new mission. Whereas Silk might argue and fight back, Murmur would rather go along than raise a ruckus.

He is a very well traveled man. He has lived and operated at various times in Japan, India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. He is in his mid 30s at the start of the series and has been an agent for nearly ten years, concentrating on the Far East where his skills and his background most make him an asset.

Shortly after he joined the Military right at the end of WWII, he was sent to Japan where as a junior officer, his job was mainly that of run and fetch. This would prove beneficial for his later work because to get his job done meant dealing with several different nationalities. For that reason he was assigned a translator, a young Korean woman. In exchange for English lessons, he was given lessons in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. This ability to pick up languages would be extended to other languages, increasing the areas in which he could operate. Two others he knows are Arabic and Tibetan.

Murmur is not one to rush into danger. His grasp of languages makes him more inclined to try to talk his way out of trouble than shoot it out. This makes him more of a target than he would like but it fits his personality. That is not to imply that he cannot fight when it is necessary and it gets necessary more often than Murmur would like.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1960
Last Appearance:1962

1 The Chinese Hammer The Chinese Hammer
Written by Simon Harvester
Copyright: 1960

A British foray into the space race ended with a missing rocket, pilot, and a tape filled with valuable data. Murmur is sent in to find any of the three. His cover is joining a mapping expedition through the Himalayas with a small team. He quickly realizes one of them is a traitor.

2 Troika Troika
aka The Flying Horse, aka The Flying Red Horse
Written by Simon Harvester
Copyright: 1962

A Western scientist who had defected to the communists of North Korea now wants to come home and needs the help of British Intelligence. The North Koreans are not willing to give up such a valuable propaganda asset.


I personally believe that Murmur was a trial run for his long-lasting, popular series about spy Dorian Silk. Certainly support characters were created in here that moved to Silk later.

If my supposition is correct, then I further suppose the switch was made because the character of Murmur was just too vanilla to make him interesting. The stories are well written because Mr. Harvester could not write otherwise and the plots are very well thought out and presented. The character just didn't have any edge to make him noteworty.

Exit Murmur and enter Silk.


My Grade: B-


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