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Full Name: Crispin Bridge
Nationality: British
Organization: -
Occupation Troubleshooter

Creator: Peter Way
Time Span: 1977 - 1982


Crispin Bridge is a troubleshooter for hire.

He is the kind of man called when the problem is beyond normal handling and extreme measures are needed. If a truck filled with not-so-legal items needs to cross a border, Bridge is the man to call. If a blackmailer simply will not listen to reason and go away, Bridge will discuss it with him. And if someone is treatening your life and doesn't seem willing to stop, Bridge will make him stop, one way or another.

An SAS man with several years of experience in Northern Ireland, he was allowed to leave when a run-in with his commanding officer over a set of orders less than intelligently considered ended with the leader dead and Bridge just barely avoiding a court martial. The fact that Bridge was right and the leader wrong was the only reason he wasn't in prison for life.

Needing a new career, Bridge took a good paying job driving a truck filled with military goods to Turkey. This lasted for two years until an attack by bandits in the Turkish mountains turned violent. Bridge was the survivor. This brought him to the attention of the immensely powerful conglomerate Northern Aerospace Corporation and their Dirty Tricks division.

As of the beginning of the series, he had performed five very interesting jobs for the company, including a trip into Moscow for secrets the Soviets did not want removed. He had been paid well for these jobs, putting his money away and living simply. Money was not really the issue any more. It was the work. And he was very good at it.

In addition to the jobs for NAC, however, Bridge is not unavailable for other missions though with his finances firmly established, it has to be a very compelling reason to get him to risk his life.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1977
Last Appearance:1982

1 Super-Celeste Super-Celeste
aka Dirty Tricks
Written by Peter Way
Copyright: 1977

A test pilot on a top-secret fighter plane project is the target that Crispin Bridge is sent against in a high-stakes assignment that is both industrial and national espionage. As a last resort, Bridge is told to eliminate the pilot. The problem is, someone had already paid Bridge to do it and the pilot was still breathing.

2 Icarus Icarus
Written by Peter Way
Copyright: 1980

Icarus was the name of the first nuclear fusion reactor, a revolutionary breakthrough destined to change the future. But the man chiefly responsible learns that one of his people has falsified documents and now the reputation of Icarus is at stake unless Crispin Bridge can get to the truth.

3 Belshazzar's Feast Belshazzar's Feast
Written by Peter Way
Copyright: 1982

An out-of-favor British agent relegated to a hole-in-the-wall office receives a letter from a known terrorist talking of a botulism attack in London and offering to help stop it. When no one else will help and others seem determined to interfere, the agent must ask the help of Crispin Bridge to save a city.


While the idea of the protagonist not being a good guy is not new, this series has the main guy actually being a bad guy, at least to most people. For this reason alone, the series was interesting and worth giving a try. Another noteworthy item is the fact that Bridge doesn't show up in the first two books until around halfway through. This gives the reader a chance to really understand the dire circumstances that exist before he is called in to fix things. Rather unique.

I liked the writing and I liked the character of Bridge, even though I know I would never like a character who was like Bridge, if you know what I mean.


My Grade: B


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