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Full Name: Chicago Nordejoong
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Other - Diver

Creator: Victoria McKernan
Time Span: 1990 - 1994


Chicago Nordejoong is a diver.

She lives and works out of Miami specializing in capturing exotic fish on contract. She is not an agent, would not want to be an agent, and is annoyed at being put into company with an agent. She likes what she does and the solitude that it brings, with the exception being the young assistant she is training and helping get a better life.

Into her life without bidding or desire comes Alex Sanders, an agent with a federal task force connected to the DEA, working drug smuggling cases in the Caribbean. He is not looking for a partner or a relationship; he is hunted bad guys who kill without hesitation just to have a boat to run their drugs in with.

Neither Chicago nor Sanders is interested in international intrigue or dealing with enemies of the state but both get involved nevertheless.

As the series begins, Chicago, the beautiful product of a Norwegian sailor and a Tobago woman, has a small boat which she uses to travel the regions off Florida and the Bahamas. She earns most of her living capturing fish of all sorts for large aquariums around the country. She augments this with diving instructions and tours. She is in her early thirties.

Alex Sanders is a drug enforcement agent trained to fly airplanes to search for and apprehend smugglers. He has been doing for quite a number of years, making his age somewhere close to mid-to-late thirties.

They do not know each other when the series begins but meet very quickly into it and begin an interesting love-hate relationship. Both are independent and not given to giving in (i.e., stubborn). As the series progresses, they grow close, drift apart, and come together again, all in the backdrop of activities they would rather avoid but cannot.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1990
Last Appearance:1994

1 Osprey Reef Osprey Reef
Written by Victoria McKernan
Copyright: 1990

While diving to collect exotic fish for a wealthy client, Chicago Nordejoong and her assistant barely escape a shark attack only to find their boat has been cut adrift. Saved by a vacationing FBI agent, she finds her mishap was a part of a major drug running endeavor.

2 Point Deception Point Deception
Written by Victoria McKernan
Copyright: 1992

While doing a simple job of flying a drowning victim's body back to the States from the Caribbean, Sanders runs into Chicago Nordejoong. When they start to believe the job is not what it seems, they come up against a former East German assassin and a plot by the Iraqis to acquire nerve gas.

3 Crooked Island Crooked Island
Written by Victoria McKernan
Copyright: 1994

When Chicago Nordejoong, along with Alex Sanders, is hired to salvage a wreck, she jumped at it as a chance to make extra money. They did not expect to run up against British secret agents who have their own plans for the sunken cargo as well as Scottish separtist group with its own agenda.


The plots are quite standard and not a little far-fetched but I doubt anyone would really be reading just for the plots. It is the interaction between these two main characters that is the main emphasis and it does a good job of relating it. Frustration, though, can come easily as you want at times to smack both on the back of the heads for being so stubborn. Ah, love!

Chicago would be a great lady on the big screen, well confident, determined, stubborn at times, beautiful always, and prone to exciting adventures with or without her American agent boyfriend.


My Grade: B-


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