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Full Name: Michael Pretorius
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Guy Durham
Time Span: 1989 - 1991


Michael Pretorius is an agent for the DIA.

At least he was for twelve years prior to the first book in the series. Each of those years had been as an operative in the field, usually behind the Iron Curtain, hunting down facts, creating a network of natives unhappy with the regime or just in need of extra money. Years of putting his life at risk knowing that the men in Washington were growing complacent with his risks. When an East German woman who had worked for him asked to be brought out, he tried but she stepped on a mine and died and he spent weeks in a Soviet hospital being interrogated. When he was finally let go by the Soviets, he was offered a desk job or retirement. He chose the latter.

As the series opens, Pretorius is living a comfortable life in Devon where he is thought of by the locals as the eccentric American. It is a peaceful life, free from the stress of his previous career. He was content for the first time in years and did not miss the excitement or the danger at all. He was not looking for anything but the rest of his life being left alone.

Then he gets a visit from the Head of Station for the CIA. They need a trained, experienced operative who was not and never had been on their books. The ex-DIA was the perfect candidate. He knew he should say no but he did not.

Working for Pretorius is the fact that as a blown agent, especially one who had been held by the Soviets for so long, most people were buying his retirement. No one considered that he might go back into the field, especially for a rival agency. Pretorius was probably as surprised as everyone else.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1989
Last Appearance:1991

1 Stealth Stealth
Written by Guy Durham
Copyright: 1989

The newest Stealth technology was a major breakthrough but even before it can be put to use, evidence exists that the Soviets have stolen it. Michael Pretorius is brought out of retirement because he is an agent the KGB would not suspect. Until they do and he learns his mission was a setup.

2 Extreme Prejudice Extreme Prejudice
Written by Guy Durham
Copyright: 1991

When a CIA operative is said to have committed suicide in Greece, his family doesn't believe it. They ask his old friend, Michael Pretorius, to go learn what he can. He learns that some Russians are trying to restore communism and some Japanese have a new plan for domination.


I like series where the hero is better than everyone else thinks he is. I hate series where the hero is being setup by his own side. This series give me both so I should have mixed feelings but the former wins over the latter and I liked this series. You will, too.

Mr. Durham was a very good writer who should have written more about this downtrodden agent. I do not know why he did not but at least we have two books about him. But then maybe the two adventures he has Pretorius endure was as much as the author felt the poor man should endure.


My Grade: B+


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