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Full Name: Paul Aston
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Steve Jackson
Time Span: 2006 - 2007


Paul Aston is an agent for MI-6.

He is, at the start of the series, still fairly new to the department and still quite idealistic. This is not to say naive by any means, just that Aston wants to believe in his job and still has the ability to truthfully do it. He has been living for the past six months with a young woman he is in love with named Laura who thinks he works in a boring civil service job. He is determined to one day tell her the truth about his job but isn't quite sure how to do it other than, "oh, by the way, I'm really a spy."

He was first approached with an offer to join as he completed his Finals at Oxford. The job sounded interesting but he had planned to enter the financial world to make his fortune. After a year of travelling Europe and then several years working at a prestigious bank, he was so bored that when another offer came, he jumped at it.

Finance had been his intended field only because his step-father had been successful in it and it seemed reasonable to follow. Aston never knew his biological father; it was a subject that was not ever discussed. He never knew who he was or what he did and the only facts he had on the man came from overhearing a conversation in which his mother described him as "a lying son-of-a-bitch who should be strung up". Aston got on well with the man who married his mother when Aston was 4 and Aston grew to have affection and respect for him, the worst thing he could think to say of the man was that he was "boring".

As the series opens, he has been an agent for a couple of years and has just recently been assigned to work as assistant to one of the true veterans of the Cold War, a harsh taskmaster from whom Aston expects to learn a lot.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2006
Last Appearance:2007

1 The Mentor The Mentor
Written by Steve Jackson
Copyright: 2006

A suicide bombing in the London Underground leaves hundreds dead and Aston reeling from a personal exposure to the carnage. Assigned to help find the ones behind it, he realizes that the leader had to be someone with intimate information as to how the security service worked to stay always one step ahead.
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2 The Judas The Judas
Written by Steve Jackson
Copyright: 2007

Growing frustrated over his lack of advancement, Aston is finally offered a chance to head a task force investigating the brutal murder of a former MI-6 head of station in Rome. That is just the first death of the agency's top echelon. Aston realizes the culprit is on the inside, protecting themself most vehemently.


This has the makings of a very good series. I say that after reading the first book and liking it a lot. The second is on my short list for what to read next.

I was particularly impressed with Mr. Jackson ability to get me into a scene without page after page of description. At the very beginning of the first book, a suicide bomber explodes a device at a subway station. Aston has to go to the aftermath and what he saw and felt was presented simply and starkly so I felt myself reacting. That's good writing.


My Grade: A-


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