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Full Name: Lee Corey
Nationality: American
Organization: FBI
Occupation Agent

Creator: Tony Williamson
Time Span: 1976 - 1978


Lee Corey is an agent for the FBI.

He is, more specifically, an undercover agent for C-2, a highly secret department of the FBI responsible for liaison with Interpol in the tracking and recording of criminal activity on an international scale. At least that is how the division was initially scoped to function but in the many years it had existed, its mandate has grown until now its agents were responsible for much more. One of the most experienced of those agents is Corey.

Corey has worked for the Bureau for just over 16 years as the series opens. He got his start as a normal FBI investigator, just out of law school. He was young, excited about his job, and happily married to his long-time sweetheart. Then a car bomb took the life of his lady and with it the enthusiasm for his work. It did not, however, take his drive for vengeance and his determination to stop other such killers who would prey on innocents just as someone preyed on his wife.

So for most of his career he has worked in C-2 going undercover to infiltrate any number of targets from criminals who blow up banks for the money to terrorists who do it for the attention. He even allowed himself to be sent to prison to create an unshakeable cover. He has worked in the deserts and the city jungles and places in between.

And he has acquired an attitude that no one can quite grasp. To some it seems incredible cockiness. To others it is, if not a death wish, certainly a death ambivalence. It makes working with him something many would prefer not to do. Whatever the truth, Corey is hard to pin down and hard to stop.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1976
Last Appearance:1978

1 The Connector The Connector
Written by Tony Williamson
Copyright: 1976

He is called The Connector and he is the mastermind of a very large number of big robberies around the world, all planned and orchestrated from his luxury villa in Algiers. Lee Corey's job is to get in with the Connector to bring him down.

2 The Doomsday Contract The Doomsday Contract
Written by Tony Williamson
Copyright: 1977

The trio was definitely a mismatched group but their goal was the same: get their hands on five atomic bombs to use to destroy the largest Arab oil fields. The damage to the world's economy would be incredible. Lee Corey is sent to join them to stop them.

3 Technicians Of Death Technicians Of Death
Written by Tony Williamson
Copyright: 1978

The terrorists have a plan to take complete control of the Golden Triangle's production of heroin, all with the plan to fund their attacks while destroying the youth of the West. Lee Corey takes the role of a famous assassin to work his way into mix.


The three-book series about Corey is an interesting combination of almost light reading with intense feeling. The characters, especially the bad guys, are somewhat stereotypical but they still ring real. It sounds odd but is true nevertheless. More importantly, they are presented as bad guys needing justice handed them.

The books read incredibly fast as there isn't a lot extra put into them. If the action spot is the robbing of a bank, we read about the robbery, not what the robbers did the night before or planned to do afterwards. Straightforward. But still compelling enough to make the whole robbery interesting.

The character of Corey is instantly likeable and comfortable. You know what you will get from this man and you get it. He has an earnestness that is compelling.


My Grade: B+


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