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Full Name: Colin Smallpiece
Nationality: American
Organization: Omega One
Occupation Agent

Creator: Frank J Kenmore
Time Span: 1988 - 1989


Colin Smallpiece is an agent for Omega One.

That small highly secret covert agency is answerable only to the President and known only to those very close to him. Run by a former CIA boss, now the president of a major university, the department exists to handle the truly impossible cases as a last resort, hence the Omega in the name.

Smallpiece is a 27-year old agent who has achieved a remarkable amount in those years. Graduating Harvard on a football scholarship, he was fast-tracked in the Navy's fighter program and flew jets on carrier ops for two years before being transferred to their covert Intelligence division. His transfer there was desired both by the group getting him and the flight commander who never saw things the same way Smallpiece did.

After several years and a few extremely dangerous missions, he left the military. During that time, though, he had attended several courses in spy craft including a class that taught him how to take out an opponent who was holding a gun on him, followed by a class that taught how to take out several such opponents. Smallpiece was very good at everything thrown at him.

After his military service, he took a teaching position at Spaulding University, becoming a much appreciated teacher even as he earned his PhD. It was then that his record came to the attention of the university President who saw a perfect man for a tough job.

The job not only needed to be done and Smallpiece seemed the best man to do it, it was also, unknown to Smallpiece, an audition. When that was successful, he was asked to join Omega One.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:1988
Last Appearance:1989

1 The Jasmine Sloop The Jasmine Sloop
Written by Frank J Kenmore
Copyright: 1988

Colin Smallpiece is asked by the Dean of the university at which he teaches to find a Senator who was making a sizeable donation. The politician since disappeared and foul play is suspected. Smallpiece comes up against an international drug smuggling ring in the process.

2 The Wire Window The Wire Window
Written by Frank J Kenmore
Copyright: 1988

On loan to the Brits for a mission, Colin Smallpiece is sent into the forests of Russia to extract a missing piece of technology which had terribly destructive capability if in the wrong hands. Getting in would be hard but getting out with it would be impossible.

3 The Frankincense Trail The Frankincense Trail
Written by Frank J Kenmore
Copyright: 1989

The President's daughter has been kidnapped by Arab terrorists and is being held in a citadel in the desert of Dhofar. It is Colin Smallpiece's job to get there, get in, get her, and somehow get them both out through hundreds of miles of arid land with terrorists and Russians after them.

4 Southeast Of Mandalay Southeast Of Mandalay
Written by Frank J Kenmore
Copyright: 1989

Going to Vietnam to rescue two college students for a wealthy industrialist is just the beginning. The mission extends to finding three stolen US nuclear warheads that have been moved to Burma and are ready to be used, killing millions.


Okay, Smallpiece is just too good to be believed. In every way. It almost gets embarrassing, he's so perfect. But then you smile, shrug, decide to go along with it, and suddenly the series is just darned fun. I mean it. Once you get over the improbabilities, the adventure begins and you find yourself sorry it ends at four missions.

The writing is definitely a step above most series where the agent is almost perfect. These are good plots, great pacing, interesting locales, and realistic action, once you get over the fact that Smallpiece can do, well, just about everything.

I recommend these guys.


My Grade: B+

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A+ 12/16/2012 9:04:57 AM

Yes, Smallpiece seems perfect. But he has doubts about his social interactions with others. He is uncomfortable around mature women. For all his "perfect qualities" he is also vulnerable is others. It makes a good balance and I wished Kenmore had added to the series.

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