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Full Name: Grayson Lorimer
Nationality: British
Organization: -
Occupation Troubleshooter

Creator: Ian Stuart
Time Span: 1987 - 1990


Grayson Lorimer is a corporate troubleshooter.

Before he got enmeshed in international intrigue and plots, Grayson Lorimer was a personal assistant to a middle manager who really didn't need a PA but certainly enjoyed having one. To Lorimer it was a job that paid alright and his attitude towards his immediate supervisor was largely one of bemusement. Certainly Lorimer never wished for more excitement in his life, though that came to him anyways.

When a very routine assignment came up for someone to do some hand-holding in a Middle Eastern country, Lorimer was picked mainly due to no one above him wanting to go and his supervisor not having a ready reason why he was indispensible. So with passport and suitcase, Lorimer was away.

The simple task would prove of enormous significance and when Lorimer, through insight and tenacity, not only uncovered a diabolical plot but also came up with the solution. As a result, the Chairman of the giant conglomerate for which he worked decided to make better use of Lorimer's skills. The position of Troubleshooter was created.

Throughout the three-book series, the two qualities mentioned before, insight and tenacity, play a major role, overcoming the other shortfalls that an average man has in un-average situations. The classic amateur versus professional is much in play, but while that often means a bumbler as the amateur, it certainly does not in this case. Lorimer is not trained in combat or intrigue or gunplay but he is no bumbler.

Though he is considered a Troubleshooter, he doesn't think of himself as anything special. He just takes each job as it comes and hopes he comes out alright when it is done.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1987
Last Appearance:1990

1 Sandscreen Sandscreen
Written by Ian Stuart
Copyright: 1987

The apparent suicide of an employee in a Middle Eastern country prompts the chairman of the board to pick a man to help the widow return the body. Lorimer is chosen and finds himself shot at, arrested, and in the middle of a plot to kill the U.S. President.

2 The Margin The Margin
Written by Ian Stuart
Copyright: 1988

Even after the corporation passed the order to stop helping the South African apartheid government, someone in a major subsidiary is still at. The Chairman sends Lorimer to find who and why.

3 Master Plan Master Plan
Written by Ian Stuart
Copyright: 1990

Even as a new terrorist group, the Fist of Gaels, is striking in Scotland, a series of environmental disasters at corporate holdings is giving fuel to the Nature Party. Lorimer is told to find who is behind it.


The concept of average man versus the bad guys is obviously age-old but it is still fun to come upon a series that just gets it right. Lorimer is an average guy. He can handle himself in some troubles and gets the short end in others. He is smart and observant but at times things need to mull about before he catches on. But he does catch on. If this were a television drama, the audience would have figured things out long before he does and he would do it before anyone else.

The writing is fast and smooth. There are few dry spots. There are also no wildly exciting spots, either, but in this evenly paced series, smooth works best.


My Grade: B+


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