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Full Name: David Morton
Nationality: American
Organization: United Nations
Occupation Spymaster

Creator: Gordon Thomas
Time Span: 1991 - 1996


David Morton is an agent with the U.N. anti-terrorism department.

He has also been an agent with Mossad and later with the CIA, making both his life and career multifaceted.

Born in Russia, his parents were among the last to die during Stalin's final pogrom. Only he and his sister, both still quite young, survived from his family and their lives were unpleasant to say the least. Eventually the two were allowed, with a small group of Jews, to emigrate to Israel. There they were settled into a kibbutz and given a chance to grow up.

When Morton was just becoming a man, a terrorist bombing took the life of his sister, leaving him alone. Now old enough to strike back, he joined the Mossad to do his best to stop the killing.

After many years as an agent, through many tough assignments not just in Israel and Palestine but also across Europe and Northern Africa, he rose in the ranks to become Director of Operations.

When America began to feel the pain of terrorism, Morton was seconded to the CIA to act as a liaison. He made a number of friends with the Agency and became known as a man of action who got things done.

It was during that period that Morton men and became friends with the U.S. President and when the U.N. decided an independent agency was needed to combat world terrorism, it was the President's recommendation that Morton be the one to head the

The organization is known as Hammer Force and its charter gives it the ability to go anywhere to find any terrorist organization. Morton is just the man to lead it.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:1991
Last Appearance:1996

1 Deadly Perfume Deadly Perfume
Written by Gordon Thomas
Copyright: 1991

After the first Guld War, a much-feared terrorist named Raza strikes out in a scheme to control all Middle East oil fields. Bombs in New York, London, and Paris is just the start. David Morton, working for Mossad, is sent to stop him.

2 Godless Icon Godless Icon
Written by Gordon Thomas
Copyright: 1992

Even as the Pope seeks to reconcile the major religions, a power-hungry Chinese has the exact opposite plan. David Morton is asked by the President to put together a team to combat growing world terrorism.

3 Voices In The Silence Voices In The Silence
Written by Gordon Thomas
Copyright: 1993

A new weapon by a noted Russian scientist is being used to affect the mind of the President, putting the world closer to another world war unless David Morton can stop it.

4 Organ Hunters Organ Hunters
Written by Gordon Thomas
Copyright: 1994

Once the lead doctor for the feared Stasi, Dr. Romer, thought dead by most of the world, is running a thriving business doing organ transplants on the kingpins of crime from the world over. Since the organs did not come willingly, David Morton decides to step in.

5 Poisoned Sky Poisoned Sky
Written by Gordon Thomas
Copyright: 1996

As the President prepares to launch a multi-national operation to clean up the environment, a leader of a powerful conglomerate has plans to see the mission fail, violently.


I always like a series where the main character grows and changes some with the times. Mr. Thomas' character Morton does more than his fair share. He changes from being Russian to being Israeli to being an American citizen to being a citizen of the world. Still, when you read the books, it all makes sense. And Mr. Thomas' writing is quite entertaining.

The nationality for David Morton was difficult to pin down. He was Soviet at birth, raised as a teen as Israeli, and then, when he moved to America to work there became a citizen. Since he was American during most of the books, I use that.


My Grade: B+


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