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Full Name: Geoffrey Landon
Nationality: British
Organization: The Organization
Occupation Agent

Creator: Gerald Sinstadt
Time Span: 1965 - 1966


Geoffrey Landon is an agent for the Organization.

This formally unnamed branch of British Intelligence is stated as being at the lower end of totem, the part seldom seen or appreciated. As a result, it gets the very much unglamorous jobs and, worse yet, very much the short end of funding.

As the series opens, Landon considers he is only a part-time agent, though this changes by the second book. He is a former musician whose career was cut short by military obligations. After six months as a private just performing standard tasks, his other talents were noticed and he was pulled into Intelligence. A promotion to Lieutenant and work more suitable for his intellect followed but so did the danger and at one point he was forced to go into hiding for many months as a result of an assignment gone bad.

When he finally had enough and got out, he went back to the music world. There, however, he found his classical talents were not up to what was required in the concert arenas and he lacked the drive and ambition needed to get it back. Still needing to make a living he did the next best thing: he became a critic. Now he wrote columns and reviews and even had an occasional radio program.

This allowed him a small income but also the chance to travel about Europe writing about concerts and orchestras and bands and the music scene in general. This, naturally, brought him to the attention of the Organization who needed someone who could travel easily and with little notice.

The cover for the Organization is Portland Productions, Ltd under the command of a man named Sawyer. The agents who work for Sawyer are on no personnel list and do not work towards any pension or expected retirement. Such matters are usually not needed as they don't live long with the assignments they are given.

In Landon's case, the jobs that he typically did were very low key and uneventful. At least, that's how they started.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1965
Last Appearance:1966

1 The Fidelio Score The Fidelio Score
Written by Gerald Sinstadt
Copyright: 1965

Geoffrey Landon was looking out the window from the agency's offices when he saw fellow agent Cairn killed by a hit-and-run. Then he learned that he was to finish the assignment Cairn had been on, the one that got him killed.

2 Whisper In A Lonely Place Whisper In A Lonely Place
aka Ship of Spies
Written by Gerald Sinstadt
Copyright: 1966

Why would an airplane engineer like Brett be brought to a job interview, rough handled, investigated, and then nearly killed? What was the Whisper that seemed so important? Those two questions are what Geoffrey Landon is sent by the Director to find out.


You really need to be able to enjoy low-keyed British humor to enjoy this two-book series. It is not a comedy nor is it a true satire but it does, in its own fun way, poke a jab or two at the badly-budgeted British bureaucracy still persevering despite it all.

And Landon is really quite a good character for the situation as he doesn't really want to be there, clearly doesn't like his work, but realizes that until something better falls into his lap, well, it is a paycheck and no one has really killed him yet.


My Grade: B-


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