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Full Name: Peter Rourke
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: David C. Cooke
Time Span: 1967 - 1967


Peter Rourke is an agent with the CIA.

Known as a reporter assigned to the Washington bureau of the North American Newspaper Syndicate, a well-respected news service, apparently akin to AP and UPI, he has reported events all over the globe. While not at the top of his field, he is certainly respected and accepted.

Such is his cover as a reporter which he uses to get him into places with less attention as might normally occur.

Rourke is in his late thirties, plain looking but with a charm that pleases the opposite sex. Moderately tall, 6'2", with arms longer than normal, he has broad shoulders which can give him a daunting appearance when desired but he can a less threatening countenance with which to move easily in a crowd. When he was younger he had the look of a professional boxer but now, older and with gray streaking through his otherwise dark hair, he gives the appearance of a veteran outdoorsman, a man who has faced his share of inclement weather.

In keeping with the spies of his era, he has a small arsenal of tricky gadgets to help him survive, including a small ballpoint pen that also shoots a .28 bullet. He uses them now but can remember when it was just his wits that meant survival, having been an operative with the Agency now for many years. He joined shortly after its creation, having just been discharged from the military after serving in WWII as a radio operation with the Army Air Corps operating in China. His knowledge of the Indochina area is often put to use as an agent and it is in that region that the three-book series takes place.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1967
Last Appearance:1967

1 C/O American Embassy C/O American Embassy
Written by David C. Cooke
Copyright: 1967

In the streets of New Delhi, a leper is found dead but with a moneybelt filled with counterfeit rupees. Peter Rourke is sent on behalf of the CIA because the ring behind the illegal currentcy threatens the economic well being of both India and the U.S.

2 The 14th Agent The 14th Agent
Written by David C. Cooke
Copyright: 1967

The title refers to the fourteen agents the Bureau of Narcotics has around the world monitoring the movement of drugs. When the 14th agent is killed in the Far East, Peter Rourke's boss suspects the Red Chinese are hiding their involvement in the trade.

3 Sleep With Nightmares Sleep With Nightmares
Written by David C. Cooke
Copyright: 1967

While on a world tour, the Vice-President of the US is kidnapped during his stop in Saigon. Held by the Viet Cong, he is due to be smuggled north to Hanoi to stand trial. Peter Rouke is given the job of finding and freeing the politician before tensions escalate to nuclear response.


The adventures of Peter Rourke are straight-forward, solid espionage tales sure to delight any spy-fi fan. The main character is a proficient journeyman agent able to handle the big assignments. He is not flashing or dramatic. He is steady and persistent. So are the adventures.

According to the flyleaf on the third book, the thought of the Vice-President being kidnapped made the American publisher highly nervous and he insisted on the identity of the victim being changed to that of the Ambassador. When the author refused, the book was only released in the U.K. I don't know if it was later published in the States.


My Grade: B


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