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Full Name: Tom Grant
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: R. J. Pineiro
Time Span: 2001 - 2005


Tom Grant is an agent with the CIA.

He is a veteran of more than twenty years fighting terrorists around the world. Such a job is a totally thankless one for no matter how many time an agent stops the evildoers, it takes but one success on their part to have the top brass screaming for a scapegoat. Bosnia was his one failure for which he continues to suffer ostracizing by those above him. Until they need him again.

When thrown into the matter is the fact that Grant refuses to sing his own praises or cover his own rear when flack start flying, it becomes obvious that Grant is the perfect man to call when the going get tough as he will either succeed, making the brass look smart, or fail, taking the heat with him. Luckily for his survival, Grant is very, very good at his job and at staying alive.

His age also plays a role in his troubles as he is nearing 50 and most of those around him are far younger and seem more capable. They aren't but they look and act like it, something Grant doesn't bother with. And if it were pointed out to him, he would likely just shrug.

Playing a major role in both books in this series is Karen Frost of the FBI, a special agent who is never partial to following the rulebook, if she even still owned a copy. While Grant is certainly the main character in the series, Frost is a very close second. She is also one of the main characters in a book that came before the Grant stories, listed herein as a precursor though Grant is not in it. Ms. Frost is also no spring chicken but an experienced agent who has earned her way up the ranks and would have risen higher if she was only willing to play the game. She would rather catch bad guys than accolades.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2001
Last Appearance:2005

Written by R. J. Pineiro
Copyright: 2001

A computer tech just out of college is offered a terrific job working for a computer firm who has one client, the IRS. He grows to learn that rogue IRS agents and company officials are up to no good and needs the help of Karen Frost to stay alive.

1 Cyberterror Cyberterror
Written by R. J. Pineiro
Copyright: 2003

The plot by the highly secretive terrorist known as Kulzak entailed using the nation's own need for energy against it. By misdirecting the computers that regulate the flow of natural gas, numerous explosions kill hundreds of people. It is just a test run.

2 Havoc Havoc
Written by R. J. Pineiro
Copyright: 2005

Tom Grant is pulled out of retirement to check out the theft from a top secret facility specializing in nanotechnology. The robbery is not the biggest problem soon facing Grant and his people as it becomes evident the fate of the species might be at risk.


I'm glad I'm not Grant. He takes too much grief, both professionally and emotionally. He does his job and doesn't ask for much in return, which is probably good because he certainly doesn't get much back. Just a routine kick in the pants.

I am glad, though, that Mr. Pineiro has written about him. I'd like more, please.

I'd also like more about Karen Frost. There is a woman who can kick your butt whenever she feels it needed, and smart enough to know it probably is already needed. Unlike many writers who make the female sidekick young and impressionable, Mr. Pineiro made Ms. Frost a veteran and the stories are the better for it.


My Grade: B


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