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Full Name: Office 119
Nationality: International
Organization: Office 119
Occupation Agency

Creator: Rachel Lee
Time Span: 2005 - 2007


Office 119 is an international Intelligence agency.

In the wake of the September 11 attack, high ranking officials in the U.N. had serious doubts of the American ability to deal with such evil. They had no doubt that the evil was stronger than ever, though, so something needed to be done. If the most powerful country in the world couldn't stop it, perhaps a select group of highly trained individuals, acting outside of all political boundaries and with almost unlimited resources might.

Thus was born the highly secret agency called Office 119. Its charter was to fight for justice anywhere in the world regardless of the whim of whoever was in power at the time. To keep their agents free from influence, they chose only dead people!

Naturally, they weren't dead in reality but were people that were thought dead by all who knew them and who were officially deceased on record. All ties to the previous life was severed; friends, family, whatever. This meant that the agents were able to operate a lot easier because they didn't officially exist and they had no personal attachments.

One of the key agents for Office 119, and the true protagonist in the series is a woman who goes by the name Renate Bachle. Formerly a German member of their equivalent of the FBI, she chased a powerful group of bad guys until they killed her. Now she can really go after them.

Though Bachle is very important in the series and remains the most interesting of the agents, the series is still mainly about the agency as a whole and the work they do to fight terrorism without being noticed.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2005
Last Appearance:2007

1 Wildcard Wildcard
Written by Rachel Lee
Copyright: 2005

The assassination attempt on the front-runner for the Presidency has left him near dead. One of the many investigators, Tom Lawton took a different approach that got some people very nervous, enough to kill him. Now Lawton and his new colleague, Bachle, really start looking.

2 The Crimson Code The Crimson Code
Written by Rachel Lee
Copyright: 2006

The "Black Christmas" attacks were designed to throw everyone off track while other activities went on but when the killers blew up a church where Bachle's family were praying, they made an old enemy even more determined to bring them down.

3 The Jericho Pact The Jericho Pact
Written by Rachel Lee
Copyright: 2007

The assassination of the Chancellor of Germany has every Intelligence agency in the world in an uproar and that holds even more so with Office 119. Without firm guidance, it is up to Bachle to find out who is really behind an attempt to seize all power in Europe.


When I first heard there was another romance writer creating a series of spy novels about a mysterious agency, I feared it would another case of each book being about a different agent, each finding love at the end of the assignment and leaving to happy-ever-after. As you can tell, I am not a big fan.

I was VERY pleased to find I was wrong. The lead character, Renate Bachle, is in every book and she most definitely is not looking for the perfect love. she is out for blood and is finding it often. I liked her and I liked Ms. Lee's writing.


My Grade: B


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