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Full Name: Abraham Lincoln Anderson
Nationality: American
Organization: Weyland Foundation
Occupation Agent

Creator: Tom Wilson
Time Span: 1995 - 2005


Link Anderson is the chief troubleshooter for the Weyland Foundation.

A half-Blackfoot Indian, orphaned as a child, he was adopted and raised by a white couple, given the name Abraham Lincoln Anderson. Initially Anderson wanted little to do with his Native American heritage thinking of himself as a white first and feeling his future prospects lay in the white world. He chose the path his adopted father had, the military. After a short but distinguished career in the Air Force as an officer and a pilot, he grew ill at ease inside and decided a change was needed. He resigned his commission and moved to the wilds of Montana to get a sense of himself. It was there that he reconnected with his heritage and began a long training session to learn the skills of the mountain people.

He had already learned how to fight the white man way and he was very good at it. Now he learned how to live and, if necessary, to fight like the Blackfoot. He became highly skilled at tracking and hunting and he grew to understand the outdoors in ways he never expected. He felt comfortable in the wild and totally capable of taking care of himself there.

He also kept in excellent physical condition, an intense desire to be the best he could be. His training regimen consisted of long hikes when weather permitted and frequent skiing runs when it didn't. He joined the local ski safety patrol and became one of their best search-and-rescue men, one of the first called when trouble happened or people went missing.

Eventually he came into contact with the Foundation, a covert organization created many years before by very wealthy men who wanted to protect the country they loved from those outside forces determined to see it die. Anderson's connection to them started because their new Director was once a pilot with Anderson and one of his best friends. The events which bring them back together and sets the scene for his new position are in the first book.

The series presents the story of Anderson's introduction to the Foundation and his eventual joining. It then follows several events that happen as he works as their head of security and fights the battles it was created for.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:1995
Last Appearance:2005

1 Black Wolf Black Wolf
Written by Tom Wilson
Copyright: 1995

The infamous political assassin known as Ghost, available to anyone if the price is right, has come to America on a mission that is far more personal than he admits. Somehow Link Anderson is able to sense his next moves.

2 Final Thunder Final Thunder
Written by Tom Wilson
Copyright: 1996

The plane crash in a remote section of Utah sets off a frantic search operation to find and rescue any survivors. Also searching are a group of trained terrorists searching for a document that was on that plane.

3 Desert Fury Desert Fury
Written by Tom Wilson
Copyright: 1998

Now an employee of the Weyland Foundation, Link Anderson is dispatched to the Nevada desert to locate a missing nuclear scientist before a rogue ex-FBI agent in the employ of the Russians can find him, and the stash of plutonium he knows about.

4 Black Canyon Black Canyon
Written by Tom Wilson
Copyright: 1999

It seemed like a simple assignment: find a young woman who vanished in the Colorado mountains. But the wealthy father didn't pass on the fact that she was also being hunted by an international criminal.

5 Black Sky Black Sky
Written by Tom Wilson
Copyright: 2003

The death of a tribal leader in Wisconsin has the appearance of corruption turned worse but the Weyland Foundation thinks the mob is behind the killing and sends Link Anderson to prove it.

6 Black Serpent Black Serpent
Written by Tom Wilson
Copyright: 2005

A group called Sociedad Serpientes, consisting of Hezbollah operatives, is behind the kidnapping of two of Link Anderson's friends as they plot an attack on the Weyland Foundation's headquarters.


This series was one where I picked up the first two at a used book store only because they looked interesting, not because I thought they would be a part of this compendium. I read the first book and really enjoyed it - a lot! Opening the second, I realized it belonged in here so I went about collecting the rest.

Mr. Wilson is terrific at making his bad guys really bad while remaining really human. You can totally despise what evil they do but it is believable. The good guys are not perfect and when they err, sometimes people get hurt. In other words, these books are realistic.

And they are extremely well written. The stories flow quickly and easily and take the reader with them.


My Grade: A-


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