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Full Name: Scott Dalton and Jackie Sullivan
Nationality: American
Organization: Presidential Agent
Occupation Agent

Creator: Joe Weber
Time Span: 1999 - 2003


Scott Dalton and Jackie Sullivan are agents for the American President.

It might be more accurate to refer to them as troubleshooters. This pair is a case of two kindred spirits living life on the edge doing what they both love and both know serves a purpose.

Dalton had been a quarterback in college before learning to fly jets for the Marines, including action during the first Gulf War. After the conflict, he left the Corps and became an agent for the CIA, serving for several years. His reputation as a man who got the job done eventually brought him to the attention of the White House who began to ask for him by name. After a few years of dealing with the bureaucracy, he quit and formed his own security company, under which he continued to take assignments from the President.

Sullivan had a similar high-action background having been an Air Force pilot skilled with both the F16 fighter and helicopters. A specialist in languages and terrorism, she and a friend had their own consulting business on foreign affairs for the Defense Department after having worked there for several years as clandestine operatives.

At the request of the President, the two join forces in the first book to serve wherever needed. Their love of action and adventure is combined with their dedication to the concept of justice. Add immense knowledge of their fields and you have two characters that really entertain.

Adding to the value of the three books is the timeliness of the dangers that the two uncover. Whether it is domestic or foreign, the terrorists encountered bring modern weaponry to bear in their fight and these books reveal how possible, and how deadly, that can be.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1999
Last Appearance:2003

1 Primary Target Primary Target
Written by Joe Weber
Copyright: 1999

A group of former Soviet hardliners have a plot to retake their nation but they know the President of the U.S. will do anything to stop them, therefore, he must be eliminated. Dalton and Sullivan join forces to extract an undercover agent who holds vital information.

2 Dancing With The Dragon Dancing With The Dragon
Written by Joe Weber
Copyright: 2002

China is starting to flex its muscles, believing it has enough power to dominate all of the Pacific Rim, and the guts to pull it off. Dalton and Sullivan get involved while investigating the strange downing of American fighters.

3 Assured Response Assured Response
Written by Joe Weber
Copyright: 2003

The sarin attack on a cruise liner is the first volley in a terrorism scheme that will lead to a nuclear threat on the Canadian border unless Dalton and Sullivan can stop it.


It was sad to close the third book, knowing that I was saying goodbye to two new friends. This three-book series is darn good writing, darn good plotting, and darn good characters. Just what you want in a series. Well done, Mr. Weber.

If you should decide to craft more Dalton and Sullivan adventures, sir, please let me know. I will buy them the day they come out.

If it isn't possible to give us both in an adventure, hold Dalton for later and just give us Ms. Sullivan. Both characters are terrific but she is extra terrific. She deserves it!


My Grade: A-


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