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Full Name: Stephanie Patrick
Nationality: British
Organization: Magenta House
Occupation Agent

Creator: Mark Burnell
Time Span: 1999 - 2005


Stephanie Patrick is an agent with Magenta House.

Patrick was a willful teenager just entering college, full of rebellion and wanting little to do with her family. She knew there was still a lot of love but she could not bring herself to admit it. When they planned a trip to Europe and she was expected to go, she fought and used any excuse to avoid it. This made the trauma of learning the plane had exploded in flight, killing her entire family, leaving her alone and with tremendous guilt. She suffered a complete breakdown.

To cope, she turned to booze and when the money ran out and she needed some way to buy the liquor to drown the memories, she turned to turning tricks to survive. It was not long before she no longer really cared if she lived or died. That was when a man named Proctor showed up and told her plainly and bluntly that he had proof the explosion, and thus the deaths, was no accident.

Proctor, a freelance writer who wrote travelogues and reviews and the occasional news article, was kind to her and took her in. He treated her well, helped her sober up, and did not expect anything in return. When he was murdered, she suddenly had something to live for - revenge.

That is when she is approached by Magenta House. This is an ultra-secret government agency that does not exist. There is no official record of it nor is there any listing of the agents. The name its people call their organization is not official, either, as the name refers to the first building they used when they were established, a run-down forty-year old leading building that was an anonymous as the people inside. The purpose of this group is to take the intelligence other departments come up with, find the terrorists everyone is seeking, and eliminate them before they can be properly caught, tried, convicted, and then turned into martyrs behind bars rather than statistics. When possible, these deaths are made to seem accidents or internal conflicts but however it is done, killing the bad guys is the goal.

Given a chance to find the truth and exact revenge, Patrick agrees to work for Magenta House though their methods seem hardly better than the people she wants to find.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:1999
Last Appearance:2005

1 The Rhythm Section The Rhythm Section
Written by Mark Burnell
Copyright: 1999

Before she is given the chance to avenge her family's murder, Stephanie Patrick must become a trained assassin named Petra.

2 Chameleon Chameleon
Written by Mark Burnell
Copyright: 2002

Now wanting out of Magenta House, Patrick is forced to take one last assignment - the killing of a Russian mob boss but there seems to be someone else after him and Patrick has to decide whether to trust or eliminate the competition.

3 Gemini Gemini
Written by Mark Burnell
Copyright: 2003

A smuggling ring from China to Europe through what was Yugoslavia is the interest for Stephanie Patrick in this latest assignment but her personal connection with one of the subjects causes far more trouble than she might have thought.

4 The Third Woman The Third Woman
Written by Mark Burnell
Copyright: 2005

Someone has stolen Stephanie Patrick's identity and killed under her name. Now she is being hunted across Europe and her best hope is a man she had to kidnap.


I really had a hard time with this series. The first book is VERY good. The second is also good but a bit confusing. The third was too much for me to be able to finish. The fourth looks better but I haven't taken the chance yet.

The writing style is not the problem as Mr. Burnell is a damn good author. The problem is in the identities that the main character has. She was born Stephanie but becomes Lisa when her parents die. She is trained to become Petra and chooses to be known as Marni. And she jumps back and forth far too easily, especially in the 3rd book.


My Grade: B-


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