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Full Name: Ryan Kealey
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Andrew Britton
Time Span: 2006 - 2014


Ryan Kealey is an agent for the CIA.

At least he was for a few years just prior to the start of the series. As the books begin, he had quit the Agency and had taken a job as a lecturer for the University of Maine.

At 33 years of age when the series starts, Kealey had already accomplished a lot. He had graduated with a business degree and gone to get a Masters at Duke. He was made a 1st Lieutenant upon graduation and entered Special Forces training immediately. As a Green Beret, he rose in rank quickly while winning several prestigious medals including the DSC, Legion of Merit, and the Bronze Star with oak leaf clusters.

His career in the military seemed guaranteed. He made the rank of Major in eight years and was highly respected. Then an incident brought an end to that career and almost his life. A traitor inside his outfit had killed everyone else, thinking Kealey was dead. He wasn't. After months in the hospital, an incident related to this ambush prompted his being asked to resign. He did so and accepted an offer with the CIA.

Several years of field work was enough for Kealey who grew tired of the violence and decided a calmer, more peaceful life was needed. He quit the Agency. Using his degree and his experience, he got a teaching position in Maine, bought an old three-story house on the coast and spent his spare time fixing it up.

Kealey is fairly happy with his life as the first book begins. He has a peaceful job and a gorgeous girl friend and a comfortable nest egg. He can also feel the boredom set in. He knows it would not be long before he would go back. It would just need a good reason. He would get one.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2006
Last Appearance:2014

1 The American The American
Written by Andrew Britton
Copyright: 2006

Kealey had quit the Agency after several years of service but he knows his expertise is needed when a terrorist attack brings the war again to the US. Kealey learns that helping the terrorsts is a former sniper in Kealey's Special Forces outfit years before.

2 The Assassin The Assassin
Written by Andrew Britton
Copyright: 2007

The word comes from an Iranian that that government is planning an attack on the United Nations. Kealey is put on the case but quickly decides that it is a feint and the attack will come from a different direction but no one wants to listen.

3 The Invisible The Invisible
Written by Andrew Britton
Copyright: 2008

To help ease the conflict between Pakistan and India, the Secretary of State has traveled to that region only to be kidnapped. Kealey must find a way to rescue the diplomat while dealing with a partner becoming more and more erratic.

4 The Exile The Exile
Written by Andrew Britton
Copyright: 2010

The President's niece was brutally murdered in the drought stricken region of Darfur and both he and the American people want revenge. He turns to former agent Ryan Kealey for help though Kealey is still on the outs with an Agency that abandoned him.

5 The Operative The Operative
Written by Andrew Britton
Copyright: 2012

A terrorist attack on a charity event pulls Ryan Kealey back from his determined retirement as the head of the CIA asks personally that he look into who is really behind the carnage.

6 The Courier The Courier
Written by Andrew Britton
Copyright: 2014

Ryan Kealey is handed the task for tracking down the location of a nuclear weapon which was sold to terrorists. To find it, he must have the help of a young physicist and must fight to overcome interagency rivalry that threatens to destroy the mission

7 Threatcon Delta Threatcon Delta
Written by Andrew Britton
Copyright: 2014

A horrible terrorist attack in San Antonio reveals that the opposition is getting even better at doing bad things. Ryan Kealey is pulled from retirement to investigate and to hunt down those responsible.


I never met the author, Mr. Britton. I might have since he lived within 40 miles of me during his high school and college days. I never met him as he had two terrific books published as I had not yet learned of them. I will never meet him, I regret, because just after his third book in this series was finished, he died of a heart condition at a very young age.

I liked the books a lot, once I learned of them. I would have said very nice things about them even if the author wasn't a local. But the books are good no matter where the author lived and the spy-fi community is lessened by not having Mr. Britton to write more.

Having written that, I see, months later, a fourth in the series come out. Whether it was written by Mr. Britton before his passing or partially written and then finished by someone else or written entirely by a second party under the direction of the estate, I do not yet know.


My Grade: A-

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tfoster93 A+ 7/5/2012 5:02:10 PM

Read all 4 books within a week, couldn't put them down. I really liked Kealey as a character.

mhyoung A+ 9/21/2014 6:35:15 AM

Keally is a great character. He's motto is to get things done, rules (and laws) be damned. Always good descriptions of weapons and combat. Lots of fun and I'm looking forward to Threatcon Delta.

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