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Full Name: Jeff Pride
Nationality: American
Organization: Phoenix Security
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jim Henaghan
Time Span: 1973 - 1977


Jeff Pride is an occasional agent for the Phoenix Security.

He is also a travel agent. Really. That is what he works at and that is what he tells people. He just does not act like one, especially when people point guns at him and try to blow him up or otherwise cause injury. Then he acts like the highly trained operative he was for many years.

Soon after graduating from law school and having no desire to practice law, Pride joined Phoenix Security, an international business specializing in both keeping secrets and extracting them, all for a high price. Pride was one of their best agents until, as he puts it, three bad guys each shot him and he killed each of them. In public. In the hospital he was told his services were no longer needed.

That is when he started the travel agency. It was not too long, however, before Phoenix remembered why they used him in the first place. Pride was good and he, time after time, came through for them.

Pride is accompanied on his excursions around the world with his young ward, Cherry Kobayashi. The daughter of a good friend and fellow agent, she was entrusted to Pride's care at the age of six when her father was killed on assignment. Now seventeen and deeply in love with Pride, she is a dynamo ready to devour him, except to him she is his daughter and that just is not going to happen. Acting as his secretary, she is sometimes the tool used to force Pride to get involved in cases. Other times she is what saves his bacon. At all times she is a sexually aggressive consternation for a decent guy who is, so far, able to hold her back from ravaging him.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:1973
Last Appearance:1977

The first four books were published under the penname of Archie O'Neill. Three years later, the fifth and final book came out under the author's real name.

1 The Da Vinci Rose The Da Vinci Rose
Written by Archie O'Neill
Copyright: 1973

The Rose in question is a small ceramic work of art created by DaVinci and considered priceless. While in Israel, his ward, Cherry, is abducted with the simple deal offered: Jeff Pride must get the Rose to get back Cherry.

2 The Duplicate Stiff The Duplicate Stiff
Written by Archie O'Neill
Copyright: 1974

Someone wants Vicente found and is willing to pay Jeff Pride big bucks to find him. When Pride, in Paris on business, refuses, they start leaving bodies until he agrees.

3 High Bid For Murder High Bid For Murder
Written by Archie O'Neill
Copyright: 1974

Phoenix Security has an assignment in London that Jeff Pride would be perfect for. The fact that he doesn't work for them anymore is irrelevant. Scotland Yard doesn't think the same way about the people who turn up dead.

4 The Ginzburg Circle The Ginzburg Circle
Written by Archie O'Neill
Copyright: 1974

A psychiatrist who thinks he is Jesus wants to go Russia and wants Jeff Pride to escort him and his family. Phoenix also wants this. Pride doesn't. He heads to Leningrad anyways.

5 Azor! Azor!
Written by Jim Henaghan
Copyright: 1977

Pride's best friend is killed and left to rot in the sun-baked plains of Spain and Pride is determined to find out who and why. One of the world's best assassins may be behind it, though, and no one has Pride's back except his ward, Cherry.


The adventures of Jeff Pride are like a weekly light crime drama, fun to watch and enjoy but hardly a full meal, if I can mix metaphors. Pride is an action junkie who pretends to not be and Cherry is there by his side to constantly try to seduce him and always failing, but still loving nevertheless. It is an interesting twist on the hero and sidekick concept.

The series works, as long as you don't expect more than it promises. The author does not try to pretend to be other than fun fiction and he should be congratulated because he gave us five highly enjoyable tales with a good action hero and a delightfully playful ward.


My Grade: B


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