Hunter_Adam2 Hunter_Adam1
Full Name: Adam Hunter
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Adventurer

Creator: Norman Conway
Time Span: 1974 - 1975


Adam Hunter is a man of adventure.

For most of his adult life, Hunter was a lawyer. He was a very good lawyer in the nation's capitol and he was well on his way to becoming a powerful man there as his influence grew. Certainly money was not an issue as he had inherited a good deal and through his law practice had amassed far more.

Still, his sedentary lifestyle did not feel right for Hunter who had been a man of action. In college he played quarterback and was very good at it. He also boxed as a welterweight and won a championship at it. Described as a "short man, strongly built", Hunter far preferred doing over sitting.

In time, his work grew unsatisfying and he grew disenchanted. He yearned for more and that more came when he heard about a Master in Tibet who took men like him and taught them new meanings to life. In his early 30's, Hunter made the change and moved to the Himalayan province.

Living for three years in Tibet, studying under the Master, Hunter was able to learn how to control his body to make it perform feats he would have never expected. Working with the Master and with a fellow student, a Japanese, he had perfected his own form of karate at which he was very good. He was happy but he also knew that his time in Tibet was over.

Then a letter telling him he had inherited a circus from an aunt and Hunter, bemused, sent back to America to check it out. There he encountered trouble from a group determined to change the world though not for the better and Hunter, in stopping them, found a new purpose in life.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1974
Last Appearance:1975

1 The Omega Operation The Omega Operation
Written by Norman Conway
Copyright: 1974

The circus that Adam Hunter has inherited is suffering from some strange accidents and they are complicated by even stranger happenings with some of the entertainers. And then there is an inventor who has created something devastating and Hunter decides to keep the bad guys from getting it.

2 Operation Alpha Death Operation Alpha Death
Written by Norman Conway
Copyright: 1975

Adam Hunter is stunned when he starts encountering people who die from senseless accidents without trying at all to save themselves. That is when he learns of a horrific new weapon that a madman is using to gain control of the world.


I cannot say this is a good series because it really isn't. It doesn't make much sense, is full of trite conversations and actions, and doesn't really flow well. Of course, I've never owned a circus. Never wanted to, really, and don't want to read about a would-be world saver who does.

Perhaps having bearded women and strongman midgets and half-man/half-snake guys hanging around you will throw off your game a bit. I'm glad I don't try to write about such things and I am sorry I tried to read about them.

Those derogatory statements having been made, I do have to say that the first scene in the first book was a darn good one that I enjoyed immensely, promising far more than the rest of the adventure could produce. Not a bad start, though.


My Grade: C-


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