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Full Name: John Taft
Codename: 7
Nationality: American
Organization: NIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Craig Dirgo
Time Span: 1999 - 2014


John Taft is an agent for the NIA.

The smallest of the espionage organization in the American government, the National Intelligence Agency has offices disguised as the Capco Mining Corporation in Bethesda, Maryland. The NIA is also one of the most covert of the agencies, so much so that their budget was hidden deep inside that of its bigger brother, the NSA. Around since the mid-80s, the purpose of the NIA was to do the jobs that could not be handled by the others due to too much congressional oversight and journalistic watchdogs. Its director answers only to the National Security Council and existed in large part to follow the orders of the President.

As one of the fifty agents who operated in the field, Taft was a go-getter, the man usually given the impossible missions and routinely carrying them off. He was also one of the first as indicated by the fact that each agent knew each other by a number and of the fifty, his was 7. He is partnered at time with another experienced operative named Larry Martinez.

Taft is described as being a blond-hair, physically impressive man, standing just over 6' and weighing a bit over 200 lbs., little of that fat. He has glacial blue eyes on a hard, solid face which includes a sturdy chin with a small scar that ran along the left side "like an exclamation mark". His movements are usually swift and sure, giving the image of a caged tiger ready to spring into attack at the least opportunity. Even when action gets extreme and the dangers mount, Taft comes across as a man relishing the moment, including taking a second here or there to crack a joke.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1999
Last Appearance:2014

1 The Einstein Papers The Einstein Papers
Written by Craig Dirgo
Copyright: 1999

The Chinese are on the verge of discovering Einstein's Unified Field Theory and wilh it would come a source of energy far beyond anything else on the planet. Also coming would be the way to destroy just about anything or everything.

2 Tremor Tremor
aka The Tesla Documents
Written by Craig Dirgo
Copyright: 2006

A device created by Nikola Tesla a century ago is being used to destroy cities in the former Yugoslavia. John Taft is sent to get the weapon and stop the killers.
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3 The Cristos Parchment The Cristos Parchment
Written by Craig Dirgo
Copyright: 2014

Wondering about his life after a near-death experience, John Taft is pulled into an investigation to see if a major, private intelligence organization had colluded with an oil corporation to rig an election in South America.
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Mr. Dirgo is a very enjoyable writer. Not only did I enjoy the two books about Taft, I enjoyed the work he did on Clive cussler's Oregon Files.

Taft harkens back to the fun and flair that made Bond such a hit. Taft is not only extremely good at his job, he is confident enough to be open about it. Neither bravado nor modesty. Additionally, the two adventures had the same "it's up to you" feel that was found in James Bond. Nowadays, to be compared to Bond is to be considered hackneyed or trite or cliche-ish. I mean none of those. James Bond became a hit because he was good and knew it and acted like it. Taft has the same flair.


My Grade: B


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