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Full Name: John Yard
Series Name: The Hunter
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Adventurer

Creator: Ralph Hayes
Time Span: 1975 - 1975


John Yard is a professional hunter.

Yard had been an officer in the Green Berets, rising to the rank of Major, much of that time fighting in Southeast Asia until he had had enough. He decided that, though he knew several dozen ways of killing a man, he was tired of it. Luckily, a quite wealthy uncle had chosen that time to pass away and leave Yard a sizable fortune, thus giving him a chance to pick and choose his new profession. His new profession was game hunter in Africa but as described in the first book, this had grown tiresome when faced with dealing with overbearing rich people.

Yard is a decorated marksman and weapons expert. He is a top-notch tracker and stalker, able to find and follow his prey over virtually any terrain. Though he is very successful in his job as hunter and guide, he lives in a simple house along a dirt road on the edges of Nairobi, Kenya, and enjoys his quiet surroundings whenever he is not out in the field.

In his early forties as the series begins, he knows he is ready for another change in his life but he is not sure what it would be. His love of Africa and the people and animals has not diminished in any way but just as fighting as a soldier has gotten old, so had being a big game hunter and guide.

Pulled away from that job by the circumstances of the first recorded adventure, Yard decided he had found another form of hunting far more satisfying, that of the scum that preyed upon innocents without mercy. Just as they had not qualms about hurting others, Yard has no problem bringing the hurt to them.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:1975
Last Appearance:1975

1 Scavenger Kill Scavenger Kill
Written by Ralph Hayes
Copyright: 1975

A fertility drug taken by John Yard's old friend results in a badly deformed baby. The mother kills the infant and herself in grief. Now Yard wants the man in charge of the pharmaceutical company to answer.

2 Night Of The Jackals Night Of The Jackals
Written by Ralph Hayes
Copyright: 1975

Though he served in the U.S. Army, Rohmer was a Nazi through and through. After killing a black soldier, he and two others flee to Germany. John Yard is determined to make them pay.

3 A Taste For Blood A Taste For Blood
Written by Ralph Hayes
Copyright: 1975

The airplane crash in an African swampland leaves eight survivors, one of which is John Yard. As they attempt the impossible task of getting out alive, they soon get proof that one of them is a sadistic killer.

4 The Track Of The Beast The Track Of The Beast
Written by Ralph Hayes
Copyright: 1975

In Kenya, away from the killing in Uganda, John Yard is pulled to that warzone when a family he knows is brutally killed. As he tries to sort out who did it, he learns of a plot to kill a visiting U.N. delegate to keep the fighting going.

5 The Deadly Prey The Deadly Prey
Written by Ralph Hayes
Copyright: 1975

In the Appalachian Mountains, a scientist is working on a deadly virus to make war even more horrific. One of his test subjects dies terribly. That man's father asks for help and John Yard steps up.


Once again Mr. Hayes has created an entertaining action adventure series about a man you wouldn't want mad at you but definitely would like on your side. The stories are fast and fanciful with lots of actions, stereotypical villains, and a "white hat" good guy attitude that is a nice quick read.

I included this character in the group of spy guys and gals because his activities take him all over the world and get him involved in several high-level skirmishes. It does lay about the edge of what fits but I judged it to be on the line.

Yard has seen the world and would prefer to stay in his piece of it but his code of honor will not let him ignore his friends and their suffering. He is a good man to have your back.


My Grade: C+


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