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Full Name: Pascual Rose
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Dominic Martell
Time Span: 1998 - 2023


Pascual Rose is a sometime agent with the CIA.

For several years, Rose was the man to see if you were a terrorist group and you needed a dependable courier. He was known as for being totally trustworthy and as a result, he knew a great deal about all the groups and seemed to be untouchable. He was, as a CIA agent once put it, their "unified field theory" or the lynchpin that connected the various groups.

For many years it had been wondered how such disparate groups as the PLO which hated anything Jewish or Christian, would have dealings with the IRA which hated anything not Catholic and Japanese Red Army which hated anything non-Japanese and groups like Baader-Meinhof which hated just about anything, period, including many of its own people. And yet there had been many apparent interactions and trading of info and resources and even money from time to time.

Rose was that connection. He spoke many, many languages easily and natively. He understood and agreed with many of the causes and did not criticize any of the others and, because he was not an active member of any of them and was not wanted by any government for any crime, he could move freely and without suspicion.

One aspect of his job that he kept constant and of which he was very proud was that even though he was helping all these different groups perform horrendous acts of violence, he had never killed anyone himself. To most others his aiding and abetting meant he was as guilty as the rest but he did not see it that way.

Then one day he changed sides. He walked up to a CIA agent, let him know who and what he was, and offered to help become an informer to both Mossad and the CIA. He became one of THEIR best weapons in the fight against an enemy which knew no borders. He played the double for as long as his nerves would last. He gave reasons for his change but no one knew if he was telling the truth about it. They just used him for as long as they could.

Then he disappeared.

Rose is listed as American as he was born of an American father and has citizenship. He spent a few years there but when his parents divorced, his Spanish mother took him back to Spain and later to France to live, giving him a cosmopolitan upbringing and allegiance to no one.

Rose has no real nationality because he has no real affinity to any country. He is as much a loner as one would care to be. Probably more than one would care to be.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:1998
Last Appearance:2023

1 Lying Crying Dying Lying Crying Dying
Written by Dominic Martell
Copyright: 1998

The hardest part of leaving his old profession had been leaving his love, Katixa. Now she pops up as he hides from his enemies and she has a suitcase full of money stolen from a band of Basque Separatists. They want it back and her dead. Pascual Rose must remember his old trade to keep them both alive.

2 The Republic Of Night The Republic Of Night
Written by Dominic Martell
Copyright: 1999

Pascual Rose is in great need of money when he is offered $100,000 if he helps, and exposure to the terrorist groups looking for him if he refuses. He agrees but soon learns that the French Intelligence is not really the ones doing the hiring and both sides wouldn't mind seeing him dead.

3 Gitana Gitana
Written by Dominic Martell
Copyright: 2001

Pascual Rose is fearful of every shadow these days, knowing that one is hiding a killer aimed at revenge. When a man he meets in a bar turns up dead soon after, Rose knows he has been found, though by whom and when the attack will come is uncertain.

4 Simya Simya
Written by Dominic Martell
Copyright: 2023

"Pascual Rose has been living quietly in the shadows, trying to stay off the radar of his unsavory former employers. But some Russians have a score to settle with him; they want Nela, a rogue hacker who is tying their networks in knots, who was last seen in the company of Pascual. A man with loved ones is a man with vulnerabilities, and when his wife Sara is kidnapped by the Russians, Pascual knows he has no choice but to betray Nela. The conflict pits spies against gangsters, and ranges from Barcelona to the Balearics, Marseille to Crete. Simya is a maze of Mediterranean intrigue, with no honor—or mercy—among spies and thieves, current or retired."
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I have trouble with this series on two levels, both strictly from an enjoyment standpoint.

Mr. Martell writes in present tense which has always irked me considerably. I have such an incredibly difficult time following anything. He is doing A while thinking of when he did B and planning to do C in the future. It is my failing for not being able to follow it but I cannot and so I do not like the style.

And Pascual Rose is a hard man to like. Actually, he is impossible to like. I want to like my main characters.

That being said, there is no doubt the author is a very capable writer who puts you in the atmosphere immediately and doesn't let you out. No matter how much you want to return to the safety of your house. Impressive.


My Grade: C+


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