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Full Name: Eileen Reed
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Police Officer

Creator: Bonnie Ramthun
Time Span: 1999 - 2005


Eileen Reed is a sheriff's deputy

She is a highly motivated and resourceful member of the Colorado Springs sheriff's department, a specialist in homicide. She is also a woman who finds close relationships difficult stemming from a very traumatic early childhood. Her partner is a much younger officer names Rosen who has totally different views but considerable respect for Reed.

Making this a more reasonable fit in the spy category is the presence of CIA analyst Lucy Giometti who is vital to the series as one who can bring otherwise unknowable information to the wily Reed. Very pregnant in the first book, she nevertheless manages to help save the country.

The series never leaves the country, indeed, the farthest it strays is near-by Wyoming, but the international aspects are still present and still play a major role in the series.

Reed, as an untrained espionage agent who is forced to tackle such matters while trying to solve a murder, might seem to others like a fish out of water and she is certainly treated as such by many around her, especially the military brass. She is hardly that, though, as she is an experience homicide detective, the best that the sheriff's office has, and she approaches the cases solidly and methodically. She does not allow herself to get too excited about the comments around her as she knows what she is there for and she does it.

And she has a gun herself and can use it if pushed. And as the first book progresses and the other two books reveal, she has Giometti to watch her back. Pregnant or post-natal, a smart person does not mess with Giometti.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1999
Last Appearance:2005

1 Ground Zero Ground Zero
Written by Bonnie Ramthun
Copyright: 1999

The participants in a War Games scenario drill are being murdered and Eileen Reed is the homicide detective assigned to investigate. Working from another direction is the CIA analyst who learns the murders have dramatic international implications.

2 Earthquake Games Earthquake Games
Written by Bonnie Ramthun
Copyright: 2004

It takes a while before an earthquake happening in a spot it should not and a suicide on a military base are connected, but when they are, it spells trouble for Eileen Reed and Lucy Giometti who must stop a madman from destroying half the country to rule the other half

3 The Thirteenth Skull The Thirteenth Skull
Written by Bonnie Ramthun
Copyright: 2005

The arrival of the corpse of an archeologist professor on her parent’s property interrupt a vacation for Eileen Reed and her visiting friend Lucy Giometti. This is followed soon by the attempt on her fiancé’s life from someone connected with missile defense.


Ms. Ramthun did not intend to write a spy series so any criticism in that regard would be unfair. Despite her non-intentions, however, what she wrote was darned good from a "save the world" point of view, especially the conclusion to the first book. She was trying to write some good mystery yarns and, believe me, she did.

I really liked the characters of Eileen Reed and Lucy Giometti and the supporting characters are also enjoyable and well-rounded. This is a fun series.

Reed is an intelligent woman who can handle herself quite well. Giometti is even more capable of handling herself and is just as intelligent. Together they make a team that is hard to beat.

I wish there were more about these two.


My Grade: B


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