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Full Name: Philip Quest
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Reporter

Creator: Peter Townend
Time Span: 1971 - 1979


Philip Quest is a world-famous photographer.

He is very, very good at it and is well known in the world of photo-journalists for having gone to the most dangerous places to get the most impressive shots. These hot-spots are filled with bullets flying, bombs exploding, governments falling, and beautiful woman begging for someone handsome and brave to hold on to, except for those not-so-rare occasions when it is these women who are among those doing the shooting, bombing, and rebelling.

This series belongs in this compendium because of the international nature of much of the story behind the mysteries Quest faces, not to mention being filled with exotic locations and fascinating takes on why some governments should stand or fall, depending on which person Quest is talking with.

Quest is willing to snap any picture when the mood hits. Whether it is beautiful models or fantastic architecture or breathtaking landscapes, he is the expert. This penchant for snapping whatever catches his eye does land him into trouble as often people caught on film when Quest was trying for something else do not appreciate the invasion and are demonstrative about it.

Quest is also a world-class lecher and never passes an opportunity to make a pass, one that usually succeeds. His approach at times seems a bit crude but he usually has a twinkle in his eye that offsets his comments and the camera around his neck is usually a good aphrodisiac.

For the purposes of this series, Quest also is a man around whom danger often hangs, not to mention excitement, death and destruction, and things like that.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:1971
Last Appearance:1979

1 Out Of Focus Out Of Focus
Written by Peter Townend
Copyright: 1971

In Venice on a professional and personal trip, Philip Quest takes lots of scenic photos, and apparently one of something he shouldn't have. Now someone is after it and him.

2 Zoom! Zoom!
Written by Peter Townend
Copyright: 1971

While in Sardinia, Philip Quest learns one of his best friends, a famous actor, is quitting to marry the daughter of a Texas millionaire but someone decidedly doesn't want the wedding to go off.

3 Fisheye Fisheye
Written by Peter Townend
Copyright: 1974

What started as a high-stakes poker game somehow quickly turned into an affair where the amount of heroin being smuggled was impressive.

4 Triple Exposure Triple Exposure
Written by Peter Townend
Copyright: 1979

When he finds himself in possession of a million dollars worth of diamonds, Philip Quest wants to know how and why. The search will take him from Morocco to London, to Switzerland, and finally to the Hebrides.


Do not read this series if you are after anything deeper than a movie-of-the-week style plot. But if that is what you are after, this series is for you.

I cannot say I liked Quest, but I liked watching him move. He is a busy devil, in and out of the bed, and he likes to stick his nose, or lens, into other people's business which is something they seldom appreciate and often resent. He gets the story but he also gets the occasional thump on the nose. Since as I said I did not really like Quest as a man, seeing him bopped on the noggin once or twice is not a bad thing.


My Grade: C

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chrisno1 B+ 2019-06-15

I really enjoyed the opening novel in this series and Quest has a roguish devil-don''t-care attitude. The women are sexy, the plots simple, the action taut, locations splendidly exotic (for the 1970s). My onl gripe is that the last novel was a very poor exercise, badly edited as well as poorly written. The first three are grand.

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