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Full Name: Joshua McGowan
Nationality: American
Organization: Naval Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jack Allen
Time Span: 2001 - 2011


Joshua McGowan is an agent with the U.S. Naval Intelligence.

McGowan is attached to the N. I. Criminal Investigation Division, now more commonly known as NCIS. He has been an agent with this section for just over five years, coming to it from military service. He is a graduate of the Naval Academy who did two years of regular duty before transferring to a Special Forces posting for three more years.

McGowan stands 6'3" with broad shoulders and a good physique. He has "deep, dark eyes and a regular face" and short brown hair. He is considered fairly handsome by the ladies sturdy by the men. As the series begins, he is single and approximately 35 years old. He prefers to work alone but operates well in a team. When it is not a team, however, he finds himself shackled with new recruits because he is one of the best and that is a good way to break in a newbie, but he definitely does not like it.

He understands the use of sudden, decisive active in a tense situation and is prepared to use it. Nicknamed the "Mechanic", McGowan is definitely the man called when the situation gets bleak whether the term is used to describe a fix-it man or to denote a killer, McGowan is a proper answer. He can kill without blinking if the situation calls for it. He can also use other means to solve a problem. In contrast with this man of action, however, is the appearance he gives when the action is over, that of a quiet, almost timid man. Those who knew him, though, knew timidity was never a issue.

McGowan is also a huge fan of movies and has an almost encyclopedic memory concerning them.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2001
Last Appearance:2011

1 Change Of Heart Change Of Heart
Written by Jack Allen
Copyright: 2001

To stop a resurgence of Communism in Russia, McGowan has to go to the eastern coast of Russia to rescue a young woman vital to his plans. She has plans of her own, however.
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2 An Innocent Among Them An Innocent Among Them
Written by Jack Allen
Copyright: 2003

Helping an old friend, McGowan goes up against a kill-happy terrorist who is using drugs to finance his other past-time. When the killer takes a woman McGowan is protecting as a hostage, things really heat up.
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3 Widow of Calcultta Widow of Calcultta
Written by Jack Allen
Copyright: 2011

A woman knows the location of a pirate treasure. A drug lord wants the treasure and holds the woman's niece's life as hostage. To get the treasure needs someone like Josh McGowan but that could get him very dead.
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A reader must take care before opening a book written by the same person who publishes it. Without the aid of an experienced editor, a second set of eyes for detail, pace, enjoyment, and such, the chance for a mess exists.

I lucked out with the McGowan books by Jack Allen. There is an unevenness that might have been leveled under normal circumstances but the character is a hoot and that is enough to overlook many shortcomings. I would have definitely purchased more McGowan books if the Mr. Allen has written them.


My Grade: B-


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