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Full Name: Tamara Hoyland
Nationality: British
Organization: Department E
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jessica Mann
Time Span: 1982 - 2016


Tamara Hoyland is an agent for British Intelligence.

As the series begins, she is an attractive blonde woman in her late 20s. Despite the relatively young age, she is nevertheless a well-considered member of the archaeological community, having had several tours to exotic sites under her belt. Her well-organized mind and keen observation skills make her a good administrator as well as one who enjoys digging in the dirt of lost cities.

Hoyland is also the girl friend of an undercover Intelligence agent named Ian who a member of a small British agency known as Department E under the direction of a Mr. Black. Though his work sometimes require secrecy, for the most post he is able to talk with Hoyland about his work and often uses her analytic skills to help sort out his cases. She has no problem with his profession but is looking forward to his eventual transfer to the Diplomatic Service and her taking a long-term sabbatical to get married and have babies.

Life for Hoyland will change drastically in the first book. Always a bit of a tomboy who learned how to hunt and climb and take care of herself as a child, she steps in to help her love on an assignment and performs well enough to receive praise from his boss. When her love is killed soon thereafter, she is offered a chance to join the organization and avenge his death.

Once that mission was completed, her new dual career continued. As a noted archaeologist, she was able to travel to all parts of the world without undue suspicion. As a now experienced operative, she could handle missions most others could not.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:1982
Last Appearance:2016

1 Funeral Sites Funeral Sites
Written by Jessica Mann
Copyright: 1982

The tragic death of his wife made the popular politician even more loved, making it a certainty he would become the next Prime Minister. Not known was the fact he had killed her. Tamara Hoyland joins her boyfriend in an attempt to keep the murdered woman's sister from being the next victim.

2 No Man's Island No Man's Island
Written by Jessica Mann
Copyright: 1983

Reeling from the death of her boyfriend, Tamara Hoyland joins the Service full time to catch and eliminate his killers. This takes to the island of Forway in the Irish Sea and a case that needed a detective as much as a spy.

3 Grave Goods Grave Goods
Written by Jessica Mann
Copyright: 1984

The East Germans are opening an exhibit in London of the crown jewels of Charlamagne, a diplomat coup for them. Tamara Howland knows a fellow archaeologist has proof they are fake, which would turn triumph into disaster. Someone will keep to keep that from happening.

4 A Kind Of Healthy Grave A Kind Of Healthy Grave
Written by Jessica Mann
Copyright: 1986

The leader of a woman's movement to return the nation to a less hedonistic way of life may have connections to a notorious painter of pornography. Someone is killing to keep the connection secret. Tamara Hoyland has the job of finding out why.

5 Death Beyond The Nile Death Beyond The Nile
Written by Jessica Mann
Copyright: 1988

A scientist with a secret that could cause great danger is travelling through Egypt. To follow and monitor him, Tamara Hoyland leans on her considerable archaeological expertise as she goes on a lecture tour in that Middle Eastern country.

6 Faith, Hope and Homicide Faith, Hope and Homicide
Written by Jessica Mann
Copyright: 1991

Tamara Hoyland had hoped to leave death and misery behind when she retired from Department E but a colleague of her new boyfriend has been murdered and Hoyland seeks to discover the killer. Knowing her less than perfect score with men, it may easily be her own lover.

7 The Stroke of Death The Stroke of Death
Written by Jessica Mann
Copyright: 2016

For nearly 20 years, Tamara Hoyland, once an agent with British Intelligence, has been a wife and mother and archaeologist, her great love. Now with her children grown and her husband away for a while, she is the to handle the funeral arrangements for her father-in-law. The question of his death, though, is not an easy one to answer and Hoyland must bring back old talents to succeed.
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The spy career cycle of Tamara Hoyland is a well-rounded one and quite enjoyable to follow. She meets a man, finds out he's a spy, helps him with his assignment and falls in love. When he is later killed, she takes part in getting justice and then stays on as an agent herself. Finally, she meets someone new and leaves the agency to live a normal life.

It all makes sense and it all works. That is one of the key things to look for in a series and you find it here.

Of course, if she decides that her new life needs a bit of excitment added into it, I wouldn't be sorry to see her come back for a mission or two.


My Grade: B


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