Full Name: Scot Harvath
Nationality: American
Organization: U.S. Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Brad Thor
Time Span: 2002 - 2018

       Scot Harvath is an agent for the United States.
       That description is made so because Harvath, like many people, has changed careers during his life. In all of his adult life choices for work, however, a dedication to his country and even more important, to justice, has never changed.
       The son of a much decorated Navy SEAL officer, it had always been thought by his father that Harvath would head to college but, to his disappointment, his son had different ideas. Skiing was the first great love of Harvath and he was very good at it. Instead of furthering his education, he tried out for and made the U.S. ski team. He got even better over the next couple of years, earning medals in the World circuit and earning a shot at an Olympic medal. Then the death of his father in a SEAL training exercise wiped the enjoyment from him and he changed careers.
       He entered college, graduated cum laude, and then joined the Navy, becoming a SEAL like his father. True to his love of skiing, he was put into Team Two, known as the Polar SEALs where his talents were put to good use.
       After a fair number of years, he decided another change was in order and he left the military to take a position with the Secret Service. Another few years of bodyguard work protecting different levels of officials saw promotion to that of guarding the First Family, which is where he is working when the series opens. Harvath is happy at his job and has no desire to see it changed. He dates regularly, at least when his job allows, but has no serious relationship as the travel and the hours would make it hard.
       As time and the series progress, Harvath's life will undergo extensive changes. He will become a go-to guy for the President, even when events make it un-politick to do so. And even when he finally chucks it all and quits, after being fired, he is still the man that is asked to do the impossible. This takes him into contact with Reed Carlton, head of a private intelligence and security firm hired often by the U.S. government. The 'Old Man' and Harvath hit it off immediately and once again the operative, in the peak of condition, has solid footing and a purpose.


Number of Books:17
First Appearance:2002
Last Appearance:2018

1 The Lions Of Lucerne The Lions Of Lucerne
Written by Brad Thor
Copyright: 2002

The President is on a skiing trip when most of his Secret Service detail is killed and he is kidnapped. Scot Harvath, a surviving member of that team stops at nothing to free his charge and avenge his comrades.

2 Path Of The Assassin Path Of The Assassin
Written by Brad Thor
Copyright: 2003

The Hand of God is an extremist group attacking mosques across Saudia Arabia hoping to start an all-out war against Israel. Scot Harvath is after its leader even as its leader is after him.

3 State Of The Union State Of The Union
Written by Brad Thor
Copyright: 2004

Years before the Soviet Union fell, numerous atomic suitcase bombs were hidden throughout the US. Now hardliners in Russia are using their existence to blackmail the President unless Scot Harvath can find them all.

4 Blowback Blowback
Written by Brad Thor
Copyright: 2005

When his picture is shown on Al-Jazeera on a black ops mission, Scot Harvath becomes the target of an unscrupulous Senator aiming for the White House.Even this can't stop him when a new crisis forces the President to ask for his help.

5 Takedown Takedown
Written by Brad Thor
Copyright: 2006

The island of Manhattan is the target of terrorists who destroy all bridges and tunnels on the 4th of July. Scot Harvath is by himself in the city tracking down the leader responsible.

6 The First Commandment The First Commandment
Written by Brad Thor
Copyright: 2007

The President has ordered Scot Harvath to not get involved even as five of the worst terrorists are taken from Gitmo for unknown reasons.

7 The Last Patriot The Last Patriot
Written by Brad Thor
Copyright: 2008

A car bomb explosion in Rome pushes Scot Harvath into a life he was trying to leave behind. The events are tied to a lost secret about Islam that could bring an end to the terrorism.

8 The Apostle The Apostle
Written by Brad Thor
Copyright: 2009

The daughter of a powerful political family is kidnapped and Scot Harvath is ordered by the President to obey the ransom demands - including breaking a man out of a maximum security prison.

8.5 The Athena Project The Athena Project
Written by Brad Thor
Copyright: 2010

Scot Harvath plays a minor advisory role in this drama. The stars are a team of 4 female Delta operatives, part of the Athena Project, ordered to track down those behind a terrorst attack in Rome. This takes them up against a major arms dealer and an old Nazi weapon brought into the modern era.

9 Foreign Influence Foreign Influence
Written by Brad Thor
Copyright: 2010

Scot Harvath is called back into action with a secret bureau devoted to taking the fight to the terrorists. He is told to hunt down a former colleague and remove him but Harvath has his doubts about the man's guilt.

10 Full Black Full Black
Written by Brad Thor
Copyright: 2011

When a vital but highly secret mission goes terribly wrong, it is up to Scot Harvath to stop the chaos that will bring down the American government but with all the troubles going on, there is no one else he can turn to for help.

11 Black List Black List
Written by Brad Thor
Copyright: 2012

The list of names was incredibly secret. Only the President and a very small group of advisors were allowed to see it. It was said that if a person's name was placed on that list, it stayed on until death. Scot Harvath's name is on it. Now a team of killers are hunting him.

12 Hidden Order Hidden Order
Written by Brad Thor
Copyright: 2013

The Federal Reserve is one of the most powerful organizations in the world and little understood by most citizens. The five people on the short list for new Chairman have disappeared and Scot Harvath and company are hired to find them once the first was found murdered.

13 Act Of War Act Of War
Written by Brad Thor
Copyright: 2014

It started with a warning from an informant for a dead CIA agent. It was validated when six exchange students disappeared. Now the President is certain a horrible attack on the US is imminent and he calls on Scot Harvath to stop it.

14 Code Of Conduct Code Of Conduct
Written by Brad Thor
Copyright: 2015

A mission to the jungles of the Congo is just beginning for an adventure that takes Scot Harvath to some unpleasant places and pits him against very powerful people, including a fair number back in the States.

15 Foreign Agent Foreign Agent
Written by Brad Thor
Copyright: 2016

The American Administration has a new plan of action against terrorism but it needs a powerful hammer to wield that comes with plausible deniability. Scot Harvath is tailor-made for the assignment. Coming up against him is a Russian with a hatred of all things American.

16 Use of Force Use of Force
Written by Brad Thor
Copyright: 2017

The body that washed up on the coast of Italy is identified as a much-sought terrorist who had been missing for some time. Now the questions are why was he in Europe, was it connected to rumors of a major attack, and how and why was he killed. The CIA hires Scot Harvath to look into it.

17 Spymaster Spymaster
Written by Brad Thor
Copyright: 2018

With his mentor now out of the game, Scot Harvath must assume that role and it is one he has avoided for years. But he cannot stay out of the action, either, when a secret organization in Europe starts attacking diplomats. Back home, there is intrigue threatening him as well.


Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2015

1 Free Fall Free Fall

Copyright: 2014

To free hostages aboard a vessel taken over by Somali pirates, Scot Harvath agrees to parachute into action.

2 The Athens Solution The Athens Solution

Copyright: 2015

In Greece, a terror cell has their hands on a horrific new weapon system and is offering it to Iran. Scot Harvath has the impossible job of stopping them.


       Scot Harvath is definitely a man of action and his series is one breath-taking event after another. You don't have to be worried about being bored as Mr. Thor won't give you time to be.
       What I like best about Harvath is that he is not perfect. Darned good but not perfect. That makes the stories a lot of fun. Of course, I learn from these books that I would not want to make an enemy of Harvath because those folks do not last long in this world. But sometimes his friends who stand too near him don't fair so well either so perhaps just reading about him is best.

       I read and enjoyed immensely the first seven adventures. #8 had just come out as I needed to take a long business drive and I thought, why not? Boy, what a great decision. Harvath is a joy to read about. He is awesome to listen about, especially when narrated by Armand Schultz. Each action-filled assignment since then has been pleasure to my ears.


My Grade: A

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A+ 5/13/2012 3:10:46 PM

These are page-turners, not character studies.

kmatje A+ 12/3/2013 6:02:01 PM

Love these books....

- 5/7/2013 5:53:39 PM

My favorite Character of all, the badass Navy SEAL gone secret agent/terrorist killing machine. Scot Harvath is the bomb.

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