Full Name: Special Defense Force
Nationality: American
Organization: Special Defense Force
Occupation Agency

Creator: Tara Janzen
Time Span: 2005 - 2011

       Crazy, also known as "Steele Street", is a series of espionage adventures of the Special Defense Force.
       The SDF is a secret detachment created by the Department of Defense to have a specially trained team to handle extremely sensitive operations. Moreover, these operatives were working outside the normal confines of the DOD and, if caught, were on their own.
       Leading the group is General Buck Grant, a two-star who knew he didn't play the game at the Pentagon well enough for his third star but still answered the call willingly when asked. He rides rough over his people but really does care what happens to them even though he knows they can easily get killed.
       His team was to be a small one, hand picked by him. He chose five men. Two were considered rejects by everyone who ever had to command them. Two were good soldiers but without any covert experience. The fifth was a man considered a hero and unlikely to destroy his career for such a deadly, thankless position. Nevertheless, these were his choices for the men he wanted and needed and he got them, though arm twisting might have been involved.
       That was eight years before the first recorded adventure. Eight years later, they were about the best there was.
       The SDF has a good number of agents, which is important because each adventure details another instance of the agent, be it male or female, falling into trouble and ending up in love and not quite so ready in the future to loose what he or she just found. General Grant has to spend most of his time finding qualified replacement operatives.


Number of Books:11
First Appearance:2005
Last Appearance:2011

1 Crazy Hot Crazy Hot
Written by Tara Janzen
Copyright: 2005

When Regan's grandfather suddenly disappeared, she soon learned she needed the help of man who was once a troublemaker but was now considered a national hero. Quinn Younger owes her grandfather more than he could hope to repay but he seemed a hard man to reach.

2 Crazy Cool Crazy Cool
Written by Tara Janzen
Copyright: 2005

Thirteen years ago, Christian Hawkins saved the life of the woman named Dekker. He then ended up in prison for two years for something he didn't do. This time when he saves her life again from a bombing, he is determined to stay close until he finds out who is after her.

3 Crazy Wild Crazy Wild
Written by Tara Janzen
Copyright: 2006

Was Cordelia Stark really a nuclear arms dealer? She certainly didn't look it as she worked in a Colorado library but all evidence pointed that way. Which was why Creed Rivera was watching everything she did. And then the bullets started flying at both of them.

4 Crazy Kisses Crazy Kisses
Written by Tara Janzen
Copyright: 2006

J.T. "Kid" Chronopolous had been in South America where he came close to death several times. Now he returns to his home town in Panama City, Florida and runs into another danger, the lovely Nikki he left years before. Even as they have their own form of battle, killers from down south come for revenge.

5 Crazy Love Crazy Love
Written by Tara Janzen
Copyright: 2006

Dylan Hart's mission was to infiltrate a Washington black-tie event to find and steal a vital, secret file. To help with his disguise as a guest, he is assigned the beautiful and street-smart Skeeter but when things go bad, they both have to worry a lot more than fitting in.

6 Crazy Sweet Crazy Sweet
Written by Tara Janzen
Copyright: 2006

The covert operative Gillian was captured by a crazed scientist. Under the influence of powerful drugs, her mind is erased and her identity changed to a killer named Red Dog. Now special agent Travis James has to deceive her to keep them both alive.

7 On The Loose On The Loose
Written by Tara Janzen
Copyright: 2007

SDF agent Rydell, formerly of the DEA, was picked for the mission because he could keep his cool under any situation. This time might be harder because he is to bodyguard a gorgeous blonde, one he had already caught smuggling some time back.

8 Cutting Loose Cutting Loose
Written by Tara Janzen
Copyright: 2007

Zachary Prade has been tasked with tracking down Lily Robbins, a woman who has the key to an encrypted file people are killing to obtain.

9 Loose And Easy Loose And Easy
Written by Tara Janzen
Copyright: 2008

When he saw Esmee Alden after many years, Johnny Ramos, fresh from a covert mission in Afghanistan, thought she was working the streets as a hooker. She was in fact an PI undercover and soon in great need of his help.

10 Breaking Loose Breaking Loose
Written by Tara Janzen
Copyright: 2009

The Memphis Sphinx is an ancient artifact that is thought to possess alien powers. Everyone wants to find it. Dax Killian is sent in to get it but agent Suzi Toussi has other thoughts.

11 Loose Ends Loose Ends
Written by Tara Janzen
Copyright: 2011

SDF Agent Chronopolous died in action several years ago. It didn't take. Now he is back with a new name and little memory of his past life and a mission to bring down the SDF.


       I say without hesitation that I do not really like a series in which the only consistent character is the agency leader who makes an appearance at the beginning and end of the book and that's it. Again I include this series because this compendium isn't about what I like but about what's out there and this series belongs.
       Ms. Janzen is truly a darned good writer. Not being a fan of romance novels, either, I opened them with trepidation but soon found myself flushed and cleaning steamy glasses. My goodness!
       When you compare the intimate scenes in these romance adventures to those of James Bond back in the 50s and early 60s, 007 was quite sedate.


My Grade: C

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