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Full Name: Mariah Bolt
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Taylor Smith
Time Span: 1995 - 2000


Mariah Bolt is an agent for the CIA.

She didn't set out to be a field operative for the Agency. She had been a political science grad student at Berkley working towards a degree specializing in the Russian-American arms race. She needed tutoring in the phsyics of nuclear weapons and met her future husband, David, who had just earned his doctorate. Within a year they were living in Los Alamos where he worked in the nuclear program. Soon, though, she decided she needed out of that environment and the CIA had offered her an analyst position considering her expertise in the Russian nuclear program. She left for D.C.

Bolt had been recruited due to her intelligence and her ability to look at disparent facts and come up with accurate assumptions. Good at her job, she steadily climbed the ranks of analysts, eventually getting enjoyable and interesting assignments around the world. Two years after she started, David quit his job, disenchanted with the arms program, and rekindled their relationship. He got a job near her and they were married. She kept her job where she was happy and life seemed very good. It was made better with the arrival soon thereafter with their daughter, Lindsay. All was good for the next ten years.

Then her husband was all but killed and her daughter severely injured in a freak accident with a runaway truck while the family was in Vienna and suddenly her life is virtually shattered.

As the series begins, she is coping, though just barely, with her life. Her daughter, 13, suffers from a bad limp and must undergo repeated physical therapy. Bolt routinely visits her paralized husband and deals with the fact that he will never recover but might live in the semi-vegetative state for years. Meanwhile, she is still at her job at Langley because she needs the income, needs the benefits, and, truthfully, needs the time away from her troubles.

That when her career starts to take a different turn as proof trickles in that the accident may have been planned. To find out the truth, she has to leave her safe desk job and head out into the gray world of espionage.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1995
Last Appearance:2000

1 Guilt By Silence Guilt By Silence
Written by Taylor Smith
Copyright: 1995

Bolt is determined to prove that the accident which turned her husband into a vegetable in Vienna was connected to another accident in New Mexico that killed five scientists. She is the only who believe it, except for those who are behind it.
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2 The Innocents Club The Innocents Club
Written by Taylor Smith
Copyright: 2000

About to head out on a vacation with her daughter, Bolt is ordered to try to convince a man to betray his country. This results in crossing paths with the woman Bolt's father abandoned his family for. When Bolt's daughter disappears, things get even more personal.
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The two adventures of Ms. Bolt are novels first and spy stories second, which is my poor way of saying that the books go to the trouble to let you understand the people involved and a bit of why they do what they do as well as telling you the events that happen. The author, Taylor Smith, can weave a series of interesting twists with great skill. Add to that the fact that she was for many years an Intelligence analyst, the same sort of job her character has, and you have darned good realism as well.

It has been many years since Ms. Taylor wrote the second Mariah Bolt story. I wish she would come up with another.


My Grade: B


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