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Full Name: Jon Bennett
Nationality: American
Organization: White House
Occupation Troubleshooter

Creator: Joel C. Rosenberg
Time Span: 2003 - 2008


Jon Bennett is an advisor to the U.S. President.

The main character, Bennett, begins the series as one of the shrewdest operators on Wall Street. He is 40 years old with "wavy dark hair, grayish-green eyes and rakish good looks". He is still single, 6' tall, and possesses a well-honed body from an obsession with running. He is not as famous a investment strategist as others who frequent the business talk shows while plying their trade, indeed he makes it a point to remain as unknown as he can for by being unknown he is considered unimportant and thus ignored. That makes his moves so unexpected and his windfalls so high.

But Bennett did not trade in stocks or bonds or commodities as most the people in the financial district. Bennett traded information and he was exceptional in his work. When others had high level meetings with Chairmen and CEOs and shakers and movers, which Bennett did as well from time to time, he also talked with limo drivers and maitre d's and doormen and bank tellers and janitors and secretaries and anyone else who might be able to give tidbits of information. He was on the phone constantly while in his office but he was also out on the street a good deal of time. This paid off tremendously as his database of a brain was packed with facts that would be useful some time in the future.

All this work was in response to a directive from his boss at Global Strategix, a combination of research facility and venture capital fund. That order had been to make GSX the financial equivilent of the CIA and Bennett had accomplished that goal.

Bennett is also a friend of long standing with the current President, a friendship made years before the Man made a run for the office. Bennett had not made use of that connection, though, as that was not the type of man he was.

As the series opens, though, a business idea which he believes might be the secret to peace in the Middle East takes him to the White House with a proposal. It also takes him from the cutthroat world of finance to the even deadlier arena of politics and terrorism and potential warfare.

Even when that adventure is largely concluded, his keen insight and deep-seated curiosity keeps him in the middle of more and more trouble. Sometimes he finds it and sometimes it finds him.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2003
Last Appearance:2008

1 The Last Jihad The Last Jihad
Written by Joel C. Rosenberg
Copyright: 2003

Bennett has a deal in the works worth billions drilling for oil off the coast of Gaza, a deal that might bring about a peace in the land. Others don't want that.
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2 The Last Days The Last Days
Written by Joel C. Rosenberg
Copyright: 2004

Oil beneath the Med is still the carrot held out for Middle East peace but those that fought against it before are even more determined to stop the deal and the peace, at the cost of Bennett's life.
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3 The Ezekiel Option The Ezekiel Option
Written by Joel C. Rosenberg
Copyright: 2005

Russia is in a political turmoil as it heads towards a new dictatorship even as Iran pushes hard to become a nuclear power.
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4 The Copper Scroll The Copper Scroll
Written by Joel C. Rosenberg
Copyright: 2006

News of yet another Dead Sea Scroll is putting the entire Middle East in an uproar as it may hold truths some Israelis want out and other want hidden. And the Palestinians have their own agenda.
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5 Dead Heat Dead Heat
Written by Joel C. Rosenberg
Copyright: 2008

The world never seemed closer to total meltdown. Oil prices are at an all-time high, China is ready to attack Taiwan, North Korea is arming to head south, and the President prepares to leave office.x
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One of the criteria for membership in this compendium is international intrigue and this series has that hands down. Told with a decidedly pro-Israeli point of view, nevertheless, the events around the life of businessman turned Presidential advisor are stunning.

These are truly novels. They have business shenanigans, political posturing, diplomatic struggles, and outright war. It also has a blossoming love affair between the main character and a female CIA operative.

Mr. Rosenberg is one heckuva writer. Not much more really needs to be said. For someone wanting straight spycraft, this series might be outside expectations but for anyone wanting a darn good yarn and a very fun ride, this is a good place to look.


My Grade: A-

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TerryV A+ 3/10/2013 4:47:37 PM

Enjoyed all the books.

A+ 3/26/2013 1:19:36 PM

I would have enjoyed this series a lot more without the blatant evangelizing. It's not a coincidence that this series is published by the same company that did the "Left Behind" series.

GoldenI B 2017-03-19

Meh, mediocre at best. A ton of others on this list are far better.

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