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Full Name: Anna Zordan
Nationality: British
Organization: Secret Intelligence Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: James Eastwood
Time Span: 1965 - 1969


Anna Zordan is an agent with the British SIS.

Born in 1938, making her 27 at the start of the series, Anna Zordan was the daughter of an Hungarian diplomat and an American woman. Born in Budapest but educated in America and Switzerland, upon reaching her majority she chose to live in London, even as her parents seemed to be constantly on the go. Then on a surprise visit to their latest residence in Vienna, she discovered their bodies, both shot at close range by someone they apparently knew and trusted.

That is when the middle-aged man named Surratt showed up and helped her through the difficult time, seeing to the burial of her parents and the handling of their affairs. He left his card with her and told her to call if ever there was trouble as he also lived in London. She didn't expect to ever need him. She was wrong.

As the series opens, she is confronted with information about her parents' lives and is put into a deadly situation whose one resolution was killing a would-be attacker. Rembering Surratt, she calls and his help astonishes her.

Surratt was the head of a branch of British Intelligence, a man who had worked closely with her parents as they, too, were agents for the West. Seeing how well she had handled a dangerous situation, how relatively calm and undisturbed she was at having killed a man, and knowing her liberal attitude when it came to sex, he knew he had found a person o handle those special assignments when the normal male agent wouldn't do.

After considerable training in spycraft, Zordan was ready for duty.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1965
Last Appearance:1969

1 The Chinese Visitor The Chinese Visitor
Written by James Eastwood
Copyright: 1965

The man in Anna Zordan's apartment was demanding something she didn't know she had. Later it was learned he was an assassin working for the Chinese to disrupt any talks between Russia and the West. Luckily, Zordan shot him. And this was before she knew what was going on.

2 Seduce And Destroy Seduce And Destroy
aka Little Dragon From Peking
Written by James Eastwood
Copyright: 1967

A letter arrives at Anna Zordan's boss' desk describing a family of killers, as utterly ruthless as they are for hire. Someone has employed them to cause considerable mayhem and Zordan is sent to infiltrate the family to find out who.

3 Diamonds Are Deadly Diamonds Are Deadly
aka Come Die With Me
Written by James Eastwood
Copyright: 1969

Someone had stolen 12 scripts from a new television spy series and were reenacting the mayhem depicted in them. So far four had been done, to tremendous public outrage and damage. Anna Zordan is sent to find and stop the group doing it.


Oh, how I wished I had met Anna Zordan in my younger days! Of course, she probably would have judo-thrown me or karate-chopped me or just shot me when she found out my intentions. Or laughed. Or said yes. Boy, I wished I had met her!

This is a fun, fun series. Very well written and intelligently presented, there are few real holes in the logic as the plot develops, a sign of a darn good writer who is serious about his craft even if the subject matter is not totally serious in nature.

And it has Anna Zordan. What a lass!


My Grade: A-

Your Average Grade:   B-


chrisno1 C+ 2016-05-30

While I appreciate these novels are of their time, Anna Zordan's use of her sensual nature and her boss's willingless to let her do so, to the point she is abused more than once, didn't sit well with me. These adventures have dated horribly. Good ideas, a few strong situations, some fun dialogue, let down by the feeling everyone surrounding Anna Zordan are creeps and pimps. She even refers to herself as 'a little whore'. The poor lass has huge self-esteem issues and really needs a new career.

jreynolds88 B 2022-01-05

I enjoyed the Chinese Visitor, but the boss fight at the end wasn''t satisfying.

jreynolds88 B 2022-01-05

I enjoyed the Chinese Visitor, but the boss fight at the end wasn''t satisfying. I also learned that Eastman wrote the script for the infamous grade-Z flick "Devil Girl From Mars" in 1954. All that anyone remembers from it is Patricia Laffer''s black latex costume!

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