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Full Name: Hugo Wolfram
Nationality: American
Organization: The Bank
Occupation Agent

Creator: Richard L. Graves
Time Span: 1973 - 1976


Hugo Wolfram is an agent for the Bank.

He is an explosives expert. He enjoys an international reputation for getting the job done. If an oil well is on fire and needs to be capped, he is the man you would hire. If an old building needed to be brought down with exact precision, he is the best you can get. And if what needs destroying also needs a covert touch, he is again the first you think of.

Where the series really gets interesting, and where it finds its rightful place in this compendium, is that fact that many of the assignments Wolfram accepts is for the ultra-secret organization known as The Bank. The official title was the Grain Exchange and Merchants' Trust, an unassuming company housed in an unassuming building in the northeastern part of D.C. It had a modest number of clients and depositors and turned a modest profit. To all, including the bank examiners who came periodically to make sure it was operating legally, it was legitimate albeit boring.

In truth, it was a subsidiary of a larger company the employees in the know referred to as the Company and both the Company and the Bank were a part of the American Intelligence community. Both were involved in obtaining, processing, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence. The Bank's area of expertise was, understandably, the financial world and it concentrated on shenanigans of that nature.

Wolfram's company is called Firebird and it is the company that is called when the job is especially difficult because Wolfram and his people, a select group of highly skilled individuals, each picked specifically for a job, are the best.

Wolfram himself is an impressive looking man; a "long narrow visage with skeptical eyes. The jaw was large, the mouth hard and humorless, the nose hawklike. The head was crowned with a shock of long hair" of a startlingly white color. He is not boastful or arrogant but neither does he ever present any false modesty. He knows he is the best there is at what he does and he sees no reason to brag or deny it.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:1973
Last Appearance:1976

1 The Black Gold Of Malaverde The Black Gold Of Malaverde
Written by Richard L. Graves
Copyright: 1973

Hugo Wolfram is hired to exact revenge on the two men who, in taking over an oil tycoon's holding, kill the tycoon's son. The target to be destroyed is an entire oil facility.

2 The Platinum Bullet The Platinum Bullet
Written by Richard L. Graves
Copyright: 1974

A financial despot has been hired to force the U.S. into turning to the Soviet Union for precious metals needed for manufactoring. Hugo Wolfram is the instrument chosen but is he working for the despot or the U.S. government?

3 Cobalt 60 Cobalt 60
Written by Richard L. Graves
Copyright: 1975

The method chosen by an angry Emir of a small sheikdom to kill key leaders of the American government is cobalt poisoning handled in a unique manner.

4 Quicksilver Quicksilver
Written by Richard L. Graves
Copyright: 1976

Hugo Wolfram is hired to halt the plans of a corrupt businessman and a group of communists who are after mercury for disasterous motives. He must do so covertly so decides to use an unusual event, an earthquake.


I loved the "Mission: Impossible" feel that this series had. It doesn't try to copy anyone but the same atmosphere of going into a hostile environment to carry out a job that is next to impossible is there in each mission and it is great fun.

Wolfram is impressive and enjoyable to follow. He is definitely the man to have on your side in a pinch. And I would not want to be on his bad side. A person could get blown up that way.

The writing flows swiftly and easily. There is just enough description to give the reader a good sense of the environment and not too much to bog the story down. The plots are intricate and well thought out.

I would have like more Wolfram adventures. Four is good. More of him would have been better.


My Grade: B


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