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Full Name: Steve Wickham
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Joe Weber
Time Span: 1989 - 1994


Steve Wickham is a senior agent for the CIA.

He is experienced in action around the world but first seen in the series in Moscow. A member of the clandestine operations, he is definitely the go-to guy when things get rough.

But this series is more than an espionage series, shown by the fact that in the first two adventures, Wickham doesn't get called in until almost halfway through the book. Talk about setting up the scene!

After graduating from NC State, Wickham joined the Marines as an officer. As he served overseas, he studied languages and over a couple of years became fluent in German and French. His work in Intelligence was interesting but stifling and he yearned for a bit more action and more freedom of movement that he enjoyed in the Marines. Eventually, he decided to resign his commission and seek a job with the CIA, a move that would make use of his experience, his gift of languages, and he desire to be in the thick of things. As the series starts, he has worked in Moscow as a senior field agent for over ten years.

Wickham is in his early forties, still very agile and sure of himself physically and presents an impressive figure standing 6'1 and fit better than most men his age.. He possesses a sharp eye and a sharper mind, making him an excellent field agent, something he has no desire to stop being. When his face becomes too well known in the Soviet Union, he has to leave but his work with the Agency continues though now he is a mobile operative rather than a station agent. He is well regarded at Langley, especially after the first recorded mission, being referred to as the "agent with nine lives".


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1989
Last Appearance:1994

1 Defcon: One Defcon: One
Written by Joe Weber
Copyright: 1989

The successor to an assassinated Soviet Premier has a plan to test the response of the U.S. but Steve Wickham learns that there is something even more sinister underway.

2 Shadow Flight Shadow Flight
Written by Joe Weber
Copyright: 1990

Shadow 37 is the latest in stealth bomber technology and it has gone mission. Learning it landed in Cuba, Steve Wickham must get it back or destroy it.

3 Honorable Enemies Honorable Enemies
Written by Joe Weber
Copyright: 1994

A helicopter strafes a cruise ship in Pearl Harbor, killing Japanese tourists. Steve Wickham is assigned to find out who wants to start such an international incident.


I've never been big into war stories, preferring the cloak and dagger aspect of handling international conflicts but Mr. Weber does an excellent job of making a weapons-ignorant like myself understand what is happening.

And then he gives you the cloak and dagger. Very nice man, Mr. Weber. And a very nice series, too. I would not have minded more Wickham adventures as they were exciting, believable, and well written. Of course, he stopped the Wickham stories to write the Steve Dalton and Jackie Sullivan stories which are just as good if not better.


My Grade: B+


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