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Full Name: Peter Ward
Codename: Seraph
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: E. Howard Hunt
Time Span: 1965 - 1971


Peter Ward is a spy for the CIA.

If he had chosen, Ward could have taken an easy road in his life. When his parents died many years before, they left to Ward and his sister a sizable fortune, definitely enough to keep them well provided for. That would not have been enough for Ward, though, as he had not only a desire for action and adventure but also an ingrained need to do something worthwhile.

To the world outside the clandestine community, Ward is a highly successful attorney whose practice takes him around the world on behalf of his many and varied clients. Only a very few close friends, and his sister, know his real occupation as an agent with the CIA.

As the series begins, Ward has already worked for the Agency for nearly two decades, even after his wife of many years was killed in retribution for his work. Now alone in the world except for his sister and her family, he spends most of his life traveling from one hot spot to another. Though he has an apartment in Georgetown, looked after by a young man he rescued at the end of WWII, he is seldom there.

When he is at home, he is a frequent entertainer of several beautiful women who are successful in their own professions and who do not mind the no-strings relationship that Ward offers. He is highly respectful of them and truly enjoys their company as well as their favors.

In the field, Ward is a lover of good food, good music, and not-so-good women. He is proficient with weapons and fighting without them and his skills with languages is quite good. Best of all, he is a master of disguise, helping him blend in wherever he goes.

Note: Another book, The Coven, is often listed with the Peter Ward series though it is not in the series. There is good reason, though, that the book is often so mistaken. The style with which Mr. Hunt wrote it was much like the one he used to write the Ward novels. He even published the book one year after the last of the Ward books using the same pseudonym (David St. John) that he used with the Ward ones. Add in the fact that the last two Ward books were titled The Sorcerers and Diabolus and this is The Coven and the mistake is inevitable and perhaps that is what the publisher was hoping.


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:1965
Last Appearance:1971

1 On Hazardous Duty On Hazardous Duty
Written by E. Howard Hunt
Copyright: 1965

Just back from one hoary assignment, Peter Ward is sent to Europe to find a Soviet scientist who claims to want to defect. Along the way he comes upon two sexy and playful ladies who prove quite deadly.

2 Return From Vorkuta Return From Vorkuta
Written by E. Howard Hunt
Copyright: 1965

Is the man recently released from a Soviet prison really the Conde de Prados, heir to the Spanish throne, or a Russian pretender hoping to cause trouble in the West? Peter Ward must find out.

3 The Towers Of Silence The Towers Of Silence
Written by E. Howard Hunt
Copyright: 1966

Peter Ward knew that whoever had brutally murdered the young servant girl who was so dedicated to him had really wanted the CIA agent. Now he wants the killer and will do whatever it takes to catch him.

4 Festival For Spies Festival For Spies
Written by E. Howard Hunt
Copyright: 1966

When the popular ruler of a Near Eastern kingdom suddenly flees his land, the CIA suspected something was up. When an agent is then killed from a disease thought irradicated, they send Peter Ward in to find the truth.

5 The Venus Probe The Venus Probe
Written by E. Howard Hunt
Copyright: 1966

Something bizarre connected the seven men who had, over the course of several years, disappeared in a similar way. Now Peter Ward is tasked with finding how and why and, more importantly, who was next.

6 One Of Our Agents Is Missing One Of Our Agents Is Missing
Written by E. Howard Hunt
Copyright: 1967

The disappearance of a fellow agent along with a tidy sum of government money was enough to get Peter Ward to Japan to find out if it was a defection or a kidnapping.

7 The Mongol Mask The Mongol Mask
Written by E. Howard Hunt
Copyright: 1968

On a mission in the heart of Red China, Peter Ward is captured by a band of Amazons with an interesting need. The man they had been feeding and loving to extreme was nearing the end of his usefulness and Ward was his chosen successor.

8 The Sorcerers The Sorcerers
Written by E. Howard Hunt
Copyright: 1969

What started out as a simple blackmail case turned into one of treason and then added satanic rituals and ceremonies that became orgies. Peter Ward is stuck in the middle of it all.

9 Diabolus Diabolus
Written by E. Howard Hunt
Copyright: 1971

Peter Ward travels to the French island of Lapoire in the Caribbean for some much needed rest and recreation. What he finds is voodoo, murder, and more and he can't get out.


The notoriety that his exploits in the Nixon White House earned him definitely helped the sales of his books and hurt any chance of appreciation by critics. Too bad. These are really enjoyable books.

Ward is may be too good to be believable but he is fun to watch being unbelievable. The plots are never outrageous or ridiculous but the bad guys are definitely bad and dangerous. Towards the end of the series, the subject matter moved towards the occult with the bad guys liking rituals and ceremonies and naked women dancing in circles. Considering the time frame in which these were written, that makes sense as the New Age was mingling with the outre. Satanism was a very popular subject for books and Mr. Hunt did not ignore that.

I liked Mr. Hunt's work. He was a darn good writer.


My Grade: B


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