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Full Name: Eric Ivorsen
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Adventurer

Creator: Rick Spencer
Time Span: 1983 - 1984


Eric Ivorsen is an adventurer.

When his parents were killed in a climbing accident, the young 14-year old Ivorsen was sent to live with his Uncle Charles, a very eccentric but successful gambler who plied his trade all over the world. The two Ivorsen brothers had been considerably different. Where Eric's father had been a genius when it came to mathematics and the like, the uncle was a genius at knowing people and seeing opportunity, his wealth being a good testament to that. He was good at other things, too, but his ability to read a situation and profit from it was exceptional.

Ivorsen's uncle took his new responsibility of the teenage boy very seriously and, having no children of his own, decided he would do his best to raise his nephew to be the best he could be. For this reason, Eric did not continue normal schooling from then on. For the next five years he was moved by his uncle to different places to be taught by the best tutors available.

In Berlin he was taught by the best mathematicians. In Oxford he studied the classics. Switzerland was where he learned to ski like a pro. Amsterdam and Paris and other places provided instruction in art, finance, and other studies that his uncle felt he should have. He completed his schooling, when he was of age, with a degree at Princeton.

Now as a well-rounded, highly intelligent and gifted man, Ivorsen is well-off enough to go where he wants when he wants, doing what he wants. While excitement is something he craves and adores, the kinds he is always finding without looking are the kinds that can get him killed the quickest.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:1983
Last Appearance:1984

1 Icebound Icebound
Written by Rick Spencer
Copyright: 1983

The mysterious group wants badly to get their hands on the Viking Cipher, a forecast for the future of civilization. Eric Ivorsen's father was the man who created it and he died years ago protecting it. Now the group is certain Eric has it and will do anything to force him to give it up.

2 All That Glitters All That Glitters
Written by Rick Spencer
Copyright: 1983

While on a romantic cruise, Eric Ivorsen and his girlfriend, Maggie, get unwillingly involved in a treasure hunt for an ancient golden statue. The search will send them about the world with others willing to kill them at each stop.

3 The Moneymaster The Moneymaster
Written by Rick Spencer
Copyright: 1984

When a young financier is killed in a bizarre fall, his girlfriend begs Eric Ivorsen and Maggie to find out why. This leads them to come up against a brilliant but evil money manipulator with very unpleasant plans for the world economy.

4 The Terror Merchant The Terror Merchant
Written by Rick Spencer
Copyright: 1984

Numerous people wanted Eric Ivorsen, each for their own selfish goals and none of which were likely to keep Ivorsen breathing long. The most dangerous of these was the group known as Croesus who saw Ivorsen as a block to their plans for power.

5 The Devil's Mirror The Devil's Mirror
Written by Rick Spencer
Copyright: 1984

The newscaster named Tallant was considered the most powerful man in the news media but he wanted far more. With his plan to put into space a powerful statellite capable of controlling all broadcasts, his power would be enormouse. Eric Iverson wants to stop him.


I am definitely a sucker for adventure stories with a fallible yet capable hero who doesn't seek trouble but doesn't run from it. I know I'd run but that's me. Still, I love to read about those who wouldn't and Ivorson is definitely that kind. He can laugh and play as anyone but he also has an intensity when faced with danger that is fun to read. Also fun to follow is Ivorsen's girlfriend Maggie. He's a lucky man.

These are fast action adventures but worth the time to read. They would have made a great television show. I'd have watched every week.


My Grade: B+

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tomjohnson A+ 2/19/2014 7:09:22 AM

I enjoyed the series too. The first two novels especially were quite good. Ivorson was something of a modern day Doc Savage, big, muscular, highly intelligent, and loved adventure. Yet, he was more human than Doc.

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