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Full Name: Jassy Vane
Nationality: Jamaican
Organization: Jamaican Security
Occupation Agent

Creator: John Morris
Time Span: 1970 - 1975


Jassy Vane is an operative for the Jamaican government.

A beautiful, sexy lady of the Caribbean, the kind male tourists follow with their eyes everywhere she goes, Vane runs a successful advertising agency in Kingston. In her late 20s, she is tall, black, shapely, athletic, and very intelligent. Her work takes her all over the island nation and often to surrounding countries and she is a familiar figure in a variety of locales. She is also a tough, take-care-of-herself undercover operative for the Jamaican Security who works cases involving international troubles that find their way to Jamaica. Using her advertising business as a front, she seldom needs more of an excuse that that to explain her presence.

Vane's boss is Robin McKay, an experienced black man in his mid 50's who hold the position of Police Commissioner, in charge of all the law enforcement on the island. The fact that he also runs Jamaican Security is a fact not known to many, even as the existence of Jamaican Security is not widely known. In his role as head of Security, McKay is well aware of the fact that many things happen in a country that are legal but might not be in the best interests of the nation as a whole. It is his job to find and rectify such situations. Vane enjoys a close bond with her boss, McKay, and with his wife of many years, Helen.

As the series begins, a new member to the security force is brought in, a civilian plantation owner named Peter Blackmore, a man roughly the same age as Vane and not one to get involved in activity outside his sugar cane business. He is known by McKay to be a highly resourceful man who, in fairly good physical shape, is highly skilled at self-defense though never having taken any special training. His position on the island, that of a wealthy but somewhat reclusive landowner, gets him into the upper levels of society to mingle with the power-brokers, some of whom are often the problems Security must face.

Jamaica is beautifully situated to be a stating area for all sorts of illicit or covert activities. Near Cuba, access to Central and South America, and a popular resort island, it gets its share of espionage. Vane's job, under the command of McKay and with the help of Blackmore, is to keep her citizens safe.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1970
Last Appearance:1975

1 Fever Grass Fever Grass
Written by John Morris
Copyright: 1970

The CIA is pushing very hard for the police force on the Caribbean island of Jamaica to not push hard on the investigation of a young call-girl's murder. They also wanted the Chinese who were also interested in the event to be ignored. Jassy Vassy and her partner weren't obliging.

2 The Candywine Development The Candywine Development
Written by John Morris
Copyright: 1970

There more than just resort development going on on the small island of Candywine in the Caribbean and Jassy Vane is assigned to find out what but the pressure is mounting and she is having a tough time remembering how tough she is.

3 The Checkerboard Caper The Checkerboard Caper
Written by John Morris
Copyright: 1975

Vane and Blackmore find themselves fighting to save the lives of CIA agent and his wife and daughter, only to discover that the agent is a stand-in for the read agent who needed to be free to go on another assignment. The ruse worked as he becomes a major target for death.


While this series started out seeming to be a police procedural, it quickly showed it was anything but. McKay, Jassy Vane's boss, might be the Police Commissioner to everyone but he also has the covert job of head of the island's security and sometimes it takes action outside the legal system to keep the nation safe. When undercover work against spies, criminals, and possible terrorists need be done, it to Vane that McKay looks.

It would be too easy to say that Jassy was sassy, but she is. She can hold her own against just about everyone and that makes her a lot of fun to follow. In real life I would not have followed her, though, because she would have beat the stuffing out of my but in print, I keep a close eye on her.

The writing is fast and sure and the feel for the island of Jamaica comes across wonderfully, making me want to visit some day.


My Grade: C


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