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Full Name: Edmund Trothe
Nationality: British
Organization: MI5
Occupation Agent

Creator: Richard Llewellyn
Time Span: 1968 - 1972


Edmund Trothe is an agent with MI-5.

The series about the life of Trothe is a unique journey of a man going from being a routine, somewhat boring Civil Servant to becoming an adviser to government leaders, connected with MI-5, to a player in the oil business, to a man out for revenge against those who took everything from him.

As it starts, Trothe is a Civil Servant working for the Foreign Office. His most exciting day-to-day business is dealing with representatives from other countries competing with his. In that regard he is good at his job but hardly exceptional. He does his job well but without fanfare; essentially very much a gray man that people may see but never notice. At the same time, Trothe is an agent for MI-5, working at keeping the security of the nation safe, using his other government post as a cover. Since he is so plain and ordinary and truly unremarkable, efficient without being obsequious, he gathers loads on intel without anyone really noticing he is around.

Throughout the series, the life of Trothe is going to take some bumps and some knocks and make changes like few other series. This man in his late 40's who seems to others rather plain and frankly boring, with a loving wife and two children now just out the door, is going to see a much unhappier aspect to life as he learns of his wife's affair and her participation in a swindle that will cost him everything. His post with the government will get a major shake-up even as he learns that his wife has learned of his many dalliances over the years. And that is just at the beginning.

But while his personal life is taking these beatings, and then correcting itself only to be hit again from other directions, his work as an agent must continue.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:1968
Last Appearance:1972

1 The End Of The Rug The End Of The Rug
Written by Richard Llewellyn
Copyright: 1968

Edmund Trothe is ordered to infiltrate a neo-Nazi group in West Germany but soon his duties as an MI-5 agent clash with his obligations as a diplomat in his cover identity.

2 But We Didn't Get The Fox But We Didn't Get The Fox
Written by Richard Llewellyn
Copyright: 1969

It is all about oil, a sea of oil beneath the surface, and trying to make sure that the right people get control of it. Edmund Trothe is told to smooth the way for his country but when the Americans and Russians and Chinese are also after it, money and bullets start flying.

3 White Horse To Banbury Cross White Horse To Banbury Cross
Written by Richard Llewellyn
Copyright: 1970

Having succeeded far beyond his own dreams in a quest to control a major oil pipeline, Edmund Throthe is aware that two former colleagues from MI-5 are out for blood, his and anyone near him.

4 The Night Is A Child The Night Is A Child
Written by Richard Llewellyn
Copyright: 1972

Having lost everything in his personal war with his former colleagues, Edmund Trothe knows revenge is all he has left. He is determined to totally destroy both men just as they are still intent on ending his life.


Boy, do not read this series if you are the least bit depressed. Neither should you read it when you are really happy as this is bring you down too fast. Indeed, Trothe at one point reflects on how "euphoria doesn't endure. It is a tender plant that shrivels in the first whiff of reality." How right Trothe is.

It is hard to like Trothe but hard to get too harsh with him. He bemoans the infidelity of his wife before thinking about the many times he cheated on her. He laments the financial ruin his brother-in-law, working with his wife, brought to him even as he thinks about the time he had to eliminate an enemy agent by putting a pistol barrel in her mouth and looking her in the eyes as he pulled the trigger.

The writing of Mr. Llewellyn is absolutely superb. The books flow quickly and surely, the dialogue rings true, and the plots are intricate and devious. But they are not for the soft-hearted.


My Grade: B-


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