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Full Name: Alan Trosper
Nationality: American
Organization: The Firm
Occupation Agent

Creator: William Hood
Time Span: 1986 - 1996


Alan Trosper is a former agent with The Firm.

It is clearly stated in the author's foreword of the first book that "there is no element of American intelligence that much resembles 'The Firm'." For this reason, and because there is nothing in the books that suggest otherwise, like references to Langley or the Agency or the CIA directly, it must be assumed that The Firm is yet another covert intelligence bureau in the U.S. community. By inference, it is likely that the agency answered directly to the President.

When Trosper was let go from the Firm several years before the series starts, he tried not to become bitter. The President had told the Controller, as the head of the department was known, to clean house and start fresh. The Controller at the time was a relatively new man to The Firm replacing the founder who had recently passed away. This new man was not well known to the agents and, therefore, blamed for more ills than he might have otherwise since the word from the President was to clean house and reduce costs. Trosper was but one of many given their walking papers with little thanks and no references.

As the series opens, Trosper is enjoying .a solitary life selling high-priced boats to rich people, doing alright for himself, and not anxious at all for the old life, or so he thought. When given a chance to get back into action, though, he hardly hesitated beyond a few token "why should I come back?" questions, showing his true desires.

As the series progresses, he meets someone special and starts a family, showing growth as he continues his career for a while before ending it on his own terms. Of course, just because you quit doesn't mean you're out.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1986
Last Appearance:1996

1 Spy Wednesday Spy Wednesday
Written by William Hood
Copyright: 1986

Alan Trosper is brought back into the Firm to help determine whether a Soviet informer a fellow agent was milking was a "dog" (worthless), a "dog on a leash" (being fed false information to pass on) or the real deal.

2 Cry Spy Cry Spy
Written by William Hood
Copyright: 1988

The murder of a CIA agent assigned to London starts Alan Trosper off on an investigation that takes him throughout Europe as he tries to understand who in the KGB would break the unwritten rule of not killing a case officer.

3 The Sunday Spy The Sunday Spy
Written by William Hood
Copyright: 1996

The death in Central Park of a secretary working at the State Department is the start of an adventure that brings Alan Trosper back again with the Firm. A fellow former agent needs help to get back into the business and Trosper is called upon.


There are a fair number of former agents out in the world and many have tried their hand at writing. Mr. Hood is one of them and he is one who has one heckuva hand! His stories move briskly. His characters are all interesting. His plots are dynamite, intelligent, and compelling. What more could you want? More books, I guess.

Alas, that has not happened. The three books you get from Mr. Hood will have to do. Luckily, they are all three darn good and well worth the time.

The main character is a solid, intelligent agent who is also very interesting. He does not get too excited or too rattled by events even as he knows he is putting his life in danger. This is a mature, enjoyable series.


My Grade: B+


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