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Full Name: Matt Terry
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Adventurer

Creator: James Luceno
Time Span: 1988 - 1990


Matt Terry is a tour guide.

After college Terry elected to join the Peace Corps. He was sent to help the farmers in Peru and his life took a turn he never expected. He met a fellow aid worker, Susan, fell in love, married her and planned a future together only to see it disappear when a bus she was riding in to help earthquake victims plunged off a cliff-side road killing her and dozens of others. Bereft and confused, he tried to put his life back together but ran into a rebel band who decided he was a spy instead. For two years he was a prisoner before he was finally released.

With America holding nothing for him at that time, he accepted a job as advance guide for Puma Travel, using his love of travel and adventure to make the tour interesting. He usually did not lead the tour itself, at least not at first, but went ahead to make sure the boats and food and lodging and other provisions needed were available and ready. Later he would become an actual guide.

Terry's love of exotic places and excitement and interesting people keeps him on the move. In the three-book series, the first adventure takes place in Central America along the Peten River that flows through Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. The second is located in the jungle islands of Indonesia. The third is far from the heat of the tropics and is in Nepal traipsing about the mountain passes of the Himalayas.

Intrigue just naturally follows him, however, and he finds himself up to his neck in trouble no matter what part of the world he is in, all truly through no action of his own. Though Terry is no spy nor does he have any desire to be one, he is often mistaken for one. To the inhabitants of each of these regions, the presence of an American in areas where rebel forces fight with old regimes cannot really be for tourism and that makes Terry a target.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1988
Last Appearance:1990

1 Rio Passion Rio Passion
Written by James Luceno
Copyright: 1988

The husband and wife Matt Terry is hired to escort deep into Mayan territory are robbed and murdered. Terry's survival makes him a suspect but even more makes him between rebels, several governments, and illegal relic hunters willing to do anything.

2 Rainchaser Rainchaser
Written by James Luceno
Copyright: 1989

Now in Indonesia, Matt Terry is the guide for a group who are hunted by kidnappers and murderers as the opening move in an international assassination plot.

3 Rock Bottom Rock Bottom
Written by James Luceno
Copyright: 1990

Certain he is a magnet for trouble, Matt Terry nevertheless agrees to guide a strangely mismatched group through a leisurely trip through the Himalayas. His magnetism is still working.


It is difficult to combine a good murder mystery with lots of action and a fair share of international intrigue. The Matt Terry books do a pretty good job. What makes the series so worth the time reading, though, is the incredible sense of atmosphere. The author really understands the various regions and help you understand them, too.

You feel the heat and the humidity and the mosquitoes in Guatemala. You can hear the birds and smell the upcoming rain in Indonesia. And you can shiver in the cold while standing in awe of the huge mountains in Nepal. That is some good writing.

Good action, fair mystery, great locations. Not a bad combination.


My Grade: B


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