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Full Name: Roger Tallis
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: John Rossiter
Time Span: 1970 - 1975


Roger Tallis is an agent for British Intelligence.

The exact title for the department in which Tallis works is the "Directorate of Special Services", but it is known better in the Intelligence community as Charlie's Bar. The man known as Charlie controls a relatively small but highly effective group of operatives who, like Tallis, saw action elsewhere but who were drawn to the charismatic leader because he got the job done. He was also known as a leader who looked after his people.

Tallis, in one book, mused that the concept of "out there you are on your own" never applied to those who worked for Charlie because his influence and his connections were on call when needed. Be it help from MI-5, MI-6, Special Branch, or a foreign service like the FBI or CIA, Charlie could make a call and get the agent the help that was needed. With that in mind, though the agent also knew he would have to explain afterward to Charlie why he needed help, not something any of the agents wanted to do.

Tallis is in his late 30's or early 40's at the start of the series and has worked for Charlie for many years already. They have a good relationship built on mutual respect and from having served together in combat.

Though he works for an Intelligence organization, Tallis does not consider himself a spy. He is not one to try and collect secrets from the other side nor is he particularly interested in protecting secrets from them. What the men and women who work at Charlie's Bar do is to stave off embarrassment. Whenever activity which could be considered harmful or embarrassing to the British government, no matter where in the world this activity might occur, it is up to people like Tallis to sort it out as best as possible. Sometimes that action is criminal in nature and sometimes it is not. Sometimes it is clandestine operations and sometimes it is quite open. Whatever the cause, though, those who work for him know they would not be sent if it wasn't important.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:1970
Last Appearance:1975

1 The Murder Makers The Murder Makers
Written by John Rossiter
Copyright: 1970

To break up an international heroin smuggling ring, Roger Tallis allows himself to be the mule and the patsy of a beautiful woman. When he disposes of the drugs, everyone is after him, both good guys and bad.

2 The Deadly Green The Deadly Green
Written by John Rossiter
Copyright: 1970

A member of the British Foreign Office, working in conjunction with the Americans, has disappeared with one million of their dollars. Besides being an embarrashment, the money has to be recovered before it can be used by the other side.

3 A Rope For General Dietz A Rope For General Dietz
Written by John Rossiter
Copyright: 1972

A Nazi war criminal has been living quite comfortably in Spain for thirty years. Now a band of British ex-soldiers are out to end his existence. To avoid an international incident, though, Roger Tallis is given the unpleasant job of keeping the man alive.

4 The Deadly Gold The Deadly Gold
Written by John Rossiter
Copyright: 1975

The Golden Virgin was a religious icon in a Spanish monastery. It had been there for some time but now different people wanted to steal it and it is Roger Tallis' job to stop that.


I have seen this series listed as a spy series, which it definitely is since Roger Tallis travels about the world fighting enemies of Britain. It has also been listed as a police procedural, which I can understand since the author was a retired Chief Detective Inspector for many years and brings his knowledge to the stories.

The books tend to drag in the middle a fair amount but the beginnings and endings are well worth the slowdown. Tallis is an interesting contradiction at times because he is smart and impetuous in that he will figure out enough of the puzzle to head straight into danger. The man earns his scars.


My Grade: B-


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