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Full Name: Vic Stallard
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Adventurer

Creator: George Beare
Time Span: 1970 - 1978


Vic Stallard is an adventurer.

Stallard is a man who came to the Middle East on one job and stayed the rest of his life. He owns and operates the Sandman, a forty-three foot long charter fishing boat with all the amenities, perfect for high-rollers wanting to catch a big one. He also owns smaller vessels for the less legal part of his income.

He is a tall, muscular man with a "deeply lined, deeply tanned, craggy face" with "close-cropped, gray-peppered black hair, and the pale blue eyes ever ready to go hard as nails on you if you displeased him."

While he is a hard-drinking and hard-loving man in the region, operating out of Manama, Bahrain, he is well thought of by those who know him, considered to be a man of action but with a strong sense of right and wrong. He resents being played for a fool and will not shirk from striking back at an attacker. He is a good man to have as a friend and an even better one to have in a fight.

His purpose in the Middle East is just to earn a living in a land that is alien to him even as it has become his home. He knows it and its people as few from the West do and he understands it, making it easier for him to survive. Survival is not always a certainty for adventurers like Stallard as he gets interested in many money-making ventures, many of which take him up against the powers that be.

Taking part in some of Stallard's adventures is the lovely Cynthia Godwin, a reporter for a major British newspaper, who finds herself in the Middle East tackling assignments that first put her against and then depending on and finally enjoying the company of Stallard.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:1970
Last Appearance:1978

1 The Bloody Sun At Noon The Bloody Sun At Noon
Written by George Beare
Copyright: 1970

Hired to smuggle the beautiful Cynthia into the small Persian Gulf nation of Saffarja, Vic Stallard soon becomes involved in the rescue of that nation's ruler as he fights those who want the ruler's head and those who want his wealth.

2 The Very Breath Of Hell The Very Breath Of Hell
Written by George Beare
Copyright: 1971

A plane carrying a fortune in gold to be used as a bribe in a major oil deal crashes into the Persian Gulf. Vic Stallard is given a very short time to find the plane and salvage the wealth or a major European oil corporation will go bankrupt and a nation could fall.

3 The Bee-Sting Deal The Bee-Sting Deal
Written by George Beare
Copyright: 1972

Cynthia doesn't know what the Bee-Sting Deal is but she knows people want to kill her over it anyways. Vic Stallard, hired to bring a yacht from Germany to a major event in Iran, gets tangled in the plot involving murder and kidnapping at a high level.

4 Prey! Prey!
Written by George Beare
Copyright: 1978

The wife of one of the world's richest men has been kidnapped in Lebanon by a powerful terrorist leader demanding 25 million in ransom. Stallard decides he can free the woman for a ten percent bounty but he needs the help of a CIA agent.


The Stallard books are enjoyable reads for two reasons. First, his stories are fairly solid and the action is strong and reasonable. Second, his grasp of that region with its political and physical climates is superb. When the waves are high, you feel it and when the hot winds are blasting, you really feel it.

Make no mistakes. These are adventure books first and foremost. But they are good ones, and the political intrigue that Stallard must deal with make them well worthy of inclusion in this compendium.


My Grade: C+


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