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Full Name: Jack Sullivan
Series Name: The Specialist
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Freelance Agent

Creator: John Cutter
Time Span: 1984 - 1985


Jack Sullivan, the Specialist, is an assassin.

In fact, he is one of the very best in the business and his fees reflect that. As stated in his first chronicled adventure, his price is as high as the risks he took. Nevertheless, he doesn't take just any job that comes along with adequate payment. His personal code of ethics makes him determine for himself whether the target is deserving of elimination and only then will he take an assignment.

Sullivan is a freelance agent, available to many but with a long list of those for whom he would not accept a commission. Foremost on this list is the Mafia and the Soviet Union for it was most probably one of these two groups responsible for the death of his wife. This loss, and the determination to get the ones who did it, spurs him on.

A veteran of two wars, Sullivan was actively recruited by the CIA but he finally decided to remain independent, though some of his missions might have also sanctioned by the Agency. Though he is not a legitimate employee of any government, the international nature of his work certainly qualifies him for inclusion here.

The Specialist series is a brutal one with violence being the entire reason for its existence. There is no subtlety in these pages, but then again, there is no promise of it. Since Sullivan's job is to kill and, taking the fact that he makes sure innocents do not get caught in the carnage, once these innocents are out of the way, the word mercy does not exist. If Sullivan decides the victim is going to die, he will definitely and surely die.

Note: The first book in the series, "A Talent For Revenge", provided the basic suggestions to the Sylvester Stallone/Sharon Stone movie entitled The Specialist on which the author was said to have helped with screenplay.


Number of Books:11
First Appearance:1984
Last Appearance:1985

1 A Talent For Revenge A Talent For Revenge
Written by John Cutter
Copyright: 1984

The lovely and determined young woman wants revenge for the long term torture of her and her twin sister which culminated in the murder of the sibling. The perpetrator is a now exiled African despot guarded by the very best money can buy.

2 Manhattan Revenge Manhattan Revenge
Written by John Cutter
Copyright: 1984

A former Nazi renowned for white slavery operations is still in business, this time in Manhattan where he is connected with a gang of cutthroats calling themselves the Meat Hooks. Jack Sullivan is hired to shut it down and to free the girls held prisoner.

3 Sullivan's Revenge Sullivan's Revenge
Written by John Cutter
Copyright: 1984

Furthering his track of his wife's killers, Jack Sullivan heads to Oregon where a training camp for terrorists from around the world was preparing for a major offensive. This mission was on him.

4 The Psycho Soldiers The Psycho Soldiers
Written by John Cutter
Copyright: 1984

To many people it was just another religious cult in Southern California but Jack Sullivan learns that the group was being trained as relentless killers, backed by the KGB to be a major disrupting force in the heart of the U.S.

5 The Maltese Vengeance The Maltese Vengeance
Written by John Cutter
Copyright: 1984

Jack Sullivan was after only a vacation when his cabin cruiser was blown up by a cannon in a fortress off Malta. Now he was on the trail of a killer-for-hire that wants him dead.

6 The Big One The Big One
Written by John Cutter
Copyright: 1984

On a small Caribbean island, a neo-Nazi and his gang of killers have created their own kingdom with a personal harem of drug-hooked sex slaves. When they begin to expand their power, though, they come up against the Specialist.

7 The Vendetta The Vendetta
Written by John Cutter
Copyright: 1984

The young woman who wanted vengeance on the murder by a Mafia crime lord of her father and her brother so she sought out Jack Sullivan who took the job free of charge. This mission was, however, enough to drive him beyond mad to crazy.

8 One-Man Army One-Man Army
Written by John Cutter
Copyright: 1985

Again in New York, Jack Sullivan learns that a mastermind has organized a gang of young thugs to force out residents of a large apartment building. Sullivan thought this would not be too hard a job until he learns the crook has hired a top assassin.

9 Vengeance Mountain Vengeance Mountain
Written by John Cutter
Copyright: 1985

A powerful figure in the Yucatan has corrupted the authorities of that Mexican region to provide protection for the actions of him and his mad-dog son but that isn't likely to be enough to stop a Jack Sullivan hired by the families of the many victims.

10 Beirut Retaliation Beirut Retaliation
Written by John Cutter
Copyright: 1985

Always reluctant to work directly for any government, Jack Sullivan now accepts a commission to help find and punish the murderers responsible for the deaths of over two hundred Marines in Beirut.

11 American Vengeance American Vengeance
Written by John Cutter
Copyright: 1985

The leader of the terrorist group the Warriors of Islam has brought his killing group to Paris. It is there that Jack Sullivan decides to end the reign of murder in a showdown that he has looked forward to for a long time.


When I first wrote my opinions on this series, I was incredibly hard on it. The grade I give it is not that high because as spy series go, it is not that good. However, it is important for readers (and myself) to remember that the author did not plan on making a spy series - he was out for an action adventure series and as such he did a darn good job.

Since my grade is for the spy quality, it is not high. For just plain fun and explosions and "do not mess with me" features, this is a lot of fun.

Read these one or two at a time to not get tired of them and you will enjoy the ride.


My Grade: C


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