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Full Name: Eric Saveman
Series Name: The Smuggler
Nationality: American
Organization: ZED Group
Occupation Agent

Creator: Paul Petersen
Time Span: 1974 - 1975


Eric Saveman is an agent with the ZED Group.

He was the head of a very successful marijuana smuggling ring until he had a falling out with his team members. Getting out was not easy, though, and he quickly found himself in the middle of a battle between a man determined to control the drug trade everywhere and the only group capable of stopping him.

The organization was the ZED Group, operated by an extremely rich man who chose to devote his life in the service of his country. The ZED Group is ostensibly a secret arm of the CIA but in truth it is the personal agency of a man who answers only to the President, General Victor Velasco.

Once he was completely out of the smuggling trade and working the ZED, Saveman underwent months of intense training to finally become one of less than a dozen agents for the super-secret organization. Within a very short period of time, he would become their best agent.

As the series begins, Saveman is 27 years old, stands 6'3", is in excellent physical condition, and lives with two gorgeous young women he calls M'Liz and M'Lady, identical twins who love Saveman deeply just as he feels strongly for both of them. A former college quarterback (Stanford), he exercises often and hard to keep in the top shape he can.

Saveman is in truth an independent agent in that he has the right to reject any job that he does not feel comfortable with. Loving adventure and having a thrill-seeking quirk, though, means there are few missions that would not interest him. He is very well paid for his time which, coupled with a large inheritance, means he is never without funds. Still, Saveman does not do anything for the money; he does it for the excitement.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:1974
Last Appearance:1975

1 The Smugglers The Smugglers
Written by Paul Petersen
Copyright: 1974

Two very powerful men at in a death struggle and both demand Saveman's help with the lives of his father and his friends on the line. One is on the side of good and the other isn't but there is no easy way to tell which.

2 Fools Of The Trade Fools Of The Trade
Written by Paul Petersen
Copyright: 1974

On the Caribbean island of Great Inagua a struggle for power has ramifications for all of the Western hemisphere and Saveman is the one to settle things.

3 Murder In Blue Murder In Blue
Written by Paul Petersen
Copyright: 1974

When a fellow agent and friend of Saveman is found dead, killed with numerous arrows, Saveman is furious. He is also curious about the fact that the agent had been painted completely blue after his death.

4 Mother Luck Mother Luck
Written by Paul Petersen
Copyright: 1974

A group who made a lucrative business in kidnapping and corruption hit the jackpot when they take prisoner the head of ZED. Saveman must rescue him and stop a traitor's plan to bring about nuclear destruction.

5 The Crystal Fortress The Crystal Fortress
Written by Paul Petersen
Copyright: 1975

A former U.S. scientist has the capability to control several American nuclear satellites and is ready to do so when Saveman is sent to his polar headquarters to stop him.

6 Death Benefit Death Benefit
Written by Paul Petersen
Copyright: 1975

The Red Chinese are behind a new, deadly virus that has already claimed the life of one agent. To stop them from using it in a war with Russia, Saveman must hijack a plane and defect.

7 Welcome To Oblivion Welcome To Oblivion
Written by Paul Petersen
Copyright: 1975

To stop a genius with a plot to control the world's oil supply, Saveman needs all the help he can get but he has just been convicted of murder and fired from ZED.


The author of this series was Paul Petersen, an actor who has a remarkable resemblance to the pictures of Saveman on the cover. I can't help believe that there were hopes of turning the character into a television or movie series. Certainly the style of action and general feel of the series fits this theory.

Since I didn't expect much from the series when I started, it wasn't hard for the stories to at least hit that low mark. It got even higher as the action is fun and I got to liking Eric Saveman.

Good job, Mr. Petersen. I wish there had been a tv show out of it.


My Grade: C


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