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Full Name: Michael Sheriff
Codename: The Shield
Nationality: American
Organization: Management Information Services
Occupation Agent

Creator: Preston MacAdam
Time Span: 1985 - 1985


Michael Sheriff is the top agent at Management Information Services.

His history prior to his work at MIS is sketchy. The most known is that he was married for a while and that he had worked as an agent for the CIA, although it isn't known how long.

When he is not globetrotting or working at MIS headquarters, a non-descript building dubbed 'the Fort' on Route 128 north of Boston, he spends his time refurbishing his home. It was a pre-Revolutionary War house which he has painstakingly restored to its past glory.

At work, Sheriff is the main troubleshooter for the Chairman, the head of MIS. That corporation's main business is information gathering, for which it has the largest computer system 'outside the Pentagon'. This intelligence is sold to the highest bidder as long as the would-be client is acceptable to the Chairman, a man whose dedication to Right is his only religion.

Sheriff practically worships the Chairman and would not envision ever refusing an order, at least until they butt heads over the proper handling of Sheriff's son. The head of the prestigious MIS, the Chairman, whose name is not revealed, may place an extremely high price on the services of his company but he chooses his clients well with the aim of world stability. Michael Sheriff is his best agent and he has taken a stern-but-loving approach to handling the Shield.

Almost as important to the series is Roger Sheriff. Separated from his father as a very young boy when his parents divorced, he seldom heard from, and even more rarely saw in person, Michael. Nevertheless, when he graduated high school it was to his father's house he came. Soon he would be seeking to enter the world of espionage his father worked in.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1985
Last Appearance:1985

1 African Assignment African Assignment
Written by Preston MacAdam
Copyright: 1985

Michael Sheriff is suddenly faced with two situations sure to change his life. The first is the unplanned arrival of his young adult son, Roger, to renew his relationship with his father. The second was the assignment to the African nation of Leikawa where age-old hatred between two factions had flared again and threatened to destroy that country.

2 Arabian Assault Arabian Assault
Written by Preston MacAdam
Copyright: 1985

Michael Sheriff's job is to travel to Qatar and stop a band of radical, death-worshipping extremists from destroy one of the largest supplies of oil. Roger, joining MIS, has the task of protecting the beautiful Stasia from attacks against her and her family.

3 Island Intrigue Island Intrigue
Written by Preston MacAdam
Copyright: 1985

On the South Pacific island nation of Suparta, someone is causing tremendous amounts of trouble for the shaky government and for the huge American conglomerate, IMDC. Attacks on facilities have brought productivity almost to a standstill and IMDC has hired MIS to find and stop the perpetrators.


In the three chronicled adventures of Michael Sheriff, there is action and adventure that would be expected of any pop-culture spy novel. There is also, surprisingly, a tremendous amount of angst and soul-searching that is out of place in the style of books presented. Topping that is a flood of father-son arguments that, frankly, made me want to ask, 'Do I need to listen to this?' It got old quickly and didn't stop.

I think the writer was trying to give both a good adventure story and a back story about human emotions but it did not work.


My Grade: C-


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